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Photovoltaic element

Photovoltaic Components

Components of a photovoltaic installation

All photovoltaic installations are composed of a series of elements that make their own function within the solar installation so that the objective, the production of renewable solar energy, is finally achieved. In our online store you can find everything you need to install a photovoltaic installation with materials from the best brands and manufacturers. In addition, we offer customized photovoltaic kit with everything you need to work properly, you just have to estimate the consumption and choose the components that best suit your needs.


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Elements of the photovoltaic kit

Photovoltaic Solar Energy is a renewable energy obtained from solar radiation through a device called a photovoltaic cell. The elements that form the photovoltaic kit in general are photovoltaic solar panels, solar inverters, charge regulators, energy accumulators and protection elements. . At Suministros del Sol we encourage you to contact us and help you choose the best components for your photovoltaic kit and design your solar installation.

Photovoltaic solar panels

Photovoltaic solar panels is one of the most important elements of the solar installation, solar panels are the element responsible for generating photovoltaic solar energy, and depending on the type of solar panel, the number of panels that are installed and the type of installation solar will be compromised the other elements of the photovoltaic kit. In Suministros del Sol we offer 12v solar panels, 24v solar panels, 260w solar panels (60cel) and 320w solar panels (72cel). If you need to buy photovoltaic solar panels, do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you solar panels of any kind at the best market price.

Solar inverter

The solar inverter, is another of the most important elements of the solar installation, is responsible for transforming the energy from the solar panels (direct voltage) into ACTA voltage for consumption 220v 50Hz, there are several types of solar inverters according to the power and functions, solar inverter for grid connection, hybrid solar inverter, solar inverter all in 1, and solar inverter for self-consumption.

Solar Regulators

Charge regulators, inside the photovoltaic kit fulfills the function of charging the battery in the case that we have installed accumulators of energy or solar batteries. The charge regulator modifies the voltage of the energy produced by the photovoltaic solar panels and transforms it to a suitable one to charge the installed solar batteries. There are two types of solar regulators, PWM solar regulators and MPPT solar regulators, depending on the type of solar installations and the type of connection between solar panels, it will be necessary to use a PWM solar controller or an MPPT solar controller. In Suministros del Sol we offer charge regulators of different powers so you can choose the most suitable for your photovoltaic installation.

Solar Accumulators / Solar Batteries

Energy accumulators or solar batteries are a very important element in isolated installations, their mission is to store energy from solar panels. in solar installations for self-consumption surplus energy must be stored for when the photovoltaic production is insufficient not to reach the energy cut. The batteries are charged during the day when the solar production is at its maximum level, the surpluses are stored by the solar regulators in the batteries for their later consumption.

In Suministros del Sol we offer different types of solar batteries, open lead acid batteries, AGM and Gel batteries, OPZS stationary batteries and stationary OPZV batteries, monoblock batteries, TOPZS batteries and Lithium batteries for self-consumption.

Protective elements

The photovoltaic kits need protections for their electrical and electronic components, the safety of the equipment and of the people is an aspect to keep in mind at the time of proposing to protect with the appropriate elements the solar and electrical installation of the house. The solar kits we offer incorporate everything necessary to install a custom protection box so that the installation is safe and legal with respect to current regulations.

With our solar panels and our kits we take advantage of solar energy to offer the greatest possible amount of electrical energy.

Our photovoltaic solar energy kits are adapted to all needs. If you have any questions, you can request a technical study without commitment to find out which option best suits your situation.