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Weco - Modular lithium battery for photovoltaic systems

Weco lithium batteries

WeCo designs and produces lithium batteries equipped with the latest technology and the highest quality components available on the market. The Italian company is beginning to lead the storage market for photovoltaic installations with modular lithium batteries for both stand-alone systems and self-consumption installations.


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WeCo Universal Lithium Battery - Low and High Voltage

Weco offers within its range of batteries for solar energy storage, two in one modular systems of low and high voltage for 48V systems. For WeCo high voltage lithium battery offers the possibility to install a capacity ranging from 15.6kWh to 561.4kWh. For low-voltage WeCo batteries allow you to expand your system from 5.3kWh to 130kWh WeCo modules.

WeCo Universal communicates with almost all solar inverters on the market.  

The WeCo lithium battery can work with the inverters of the most important inverter brands in the photovoltaic sector; Victron, Voltronic Axpert, Goodwe, Sma... and ensures compatibility (without communication) with the rest of the inverters on the market with the programming of load values recommended by the manufacturer. 

WeCo smart lithium battery prepared for charging electric vehicles. 

The WeCo Plug&Play system for quick assembly and easy configuration, the built-in connectivity, the WeCo app to monitor the status of the storage system at all times and the possibility of charging electric vehicles make this battery one of the most advanced on the market.