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Electric generator or generator

electric generator

Electric generators

An electric generator or generator is a device used to generate alternative energy in cases of power interruption or in cases where there is no other energy source. There are usually three types of electric generators, single-phase electric generators, three-phase electric generators and inverter electric generators on the market.

Electric generators is an indispensable component in isolated photovoltaic installations. In the exceptional cases of power interruption of the solar installation for reasons of bad weather or excessive consumption the electric generator fulfills the function of preventing the power cut in the electrical installation of the house, therefore, it is an indispensable piece for installations solar self-consumption.



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Uses and applications of electric generators

Electric generators or generators have many applications, in solar installations for self-consumption, as a source of energy for well pumps, motorhomes, camping, for restaurants and hotels, electric generators for country houses and farms, camping and markets where A portable power source is necessary for industrial and professional uses where a large amount of energy is required for high-powered professional electrical devices.

We also have inverter electric generators, these generators have the particularity of being reduced in size, low vibrations and have great power in addition to a reduced consumption, compared to other generators. Visit our range of inverter generators and choose the one that best suits your needs.

In situations of emergency power it is convenient to have an electric backup generator in the photovoltaic installation. With our electric generators, these situations will be solved in the most reliable and effective way. We also have one of the best manufacturers of electric generators such as Hyundai's line of generators, with a 2-year warranty.

Electric diesel or gasoline generator?

The choice of fuel is an important aspect, normally the generators of great power are usually diesel, because the physiology of the engine usually weigh more and consume less equal power generated, a diesel electric generator is usually used when the energy demand is very strong as in the cases of restaurants, isolated houses, pumps for high-power wells, and for industrial uses.

On the other hand, gasoline generators tend to weigh less and tend to consume a little more in addition to having a more limited lifespan. The mechanics of operation is simpler than the diesel electric generator, the electric gasoline generators, due to their lightness, are usually used in situations where mobility is a priority.

For any particular question or more information about electric generators contact us we will help you without obligation.