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Solar Inverter SolarEdge | Suministros del Sol

Investors SolarEdge

Los inversores de energía solar. En esta sección puede encontrar toda la serie de inversores SolarEdge, monofásicos y trifásicos, soluciones con baterías con StorEdge, compatibles con baterías de litio LG Chem HV.



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About SolarEdge inverters

These are inverters that increase the self-consumption and the efficiency of the system, these investors feed the loads in moments of sufficient irradiation and store surplus energy in the batteries.

In single-phase voltage SolarEdge HD-Wave offers inverters from 2.2kW to 6kW.In three-phase voltage SolarEdge E-Series offers inverters with power from 4kw to 10kW.

Characteristics of SoalrEdge inverters for residential applications:

  • Compact and light investors <10kg
  • Hybrid solution with batteries with StorEdge
  • Up to 99% European efficiency
  • Between 33% -50% less energy loss compared to other investors in the market
  • More efficiency by generating less heat thanks to the replacement of electrolytic capacitors to thin film capacitors
  • 12 year warranty, extendable up to 25
  • Allows monitoring of the complete installation, demotic accessories
  • Compatible with LG Chem RESU batteries

Optimización paneles Soalredge

SolarEdge Single Phase Inverter with Charger for Electric Cars

SolarEdge inverters are the first in the world to incorporate a battery charger for electric vehicles. The electric car charger inverter using the Solar Boost mode uses photovoltaic energy simultaneously with the network.

In addition, it allows the monitoring of the SolarEdge platform to be integrated, intelligent programming based on the economic energy purchase slots. Monitoring the photovoltaic system and the programmed charging of the electric car, remote operation through the app with possibility to activate and deactivate the charge from the Smartphone, visualization of the load, energy and the percentage of charge from the photovoltaic system.SolarEdge cargador Coche Electrico

Buy SolarEdge inverters

In Suministros del Sol you can buy single-phase and three-phase solarEdge inverters, for residential & industrial applications at the best price online, we also offer all the accessories for its correct functioning as optimizers, wattmeters, and everything necessary for the desired configuration for each particular case , for more information,  , We will help you design and configure your solar installation in the most efficient way.