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Inverters Off grid Housing | Solar Inverters

Off Grid Inverter

Off Grid Inverters

Information about the off grid inverters

Off grid inverters are those that operate off grid, that is, they are not connected to the external electrical network, within this category we can include the chargers (with generator) and hybrid inverters without grid connection. This type of facility consists of solar panels, structure or supports for panels, solar batteries and the solar inverter. Being off-grid facilities are exempt from legalization if limit of installed kWs.


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Characteristics off Grid inverters

These solar inverters for insulation can be installed with or without batteries, The peculiarity is that if we do not install batteries there is no support energy, that is, when there is not enough generation of direct photovoltaic energy from the solar panels there will be a power cut. For this reason, most of the off grid solar installations are provided with photovoltaic solar batteries or a generator that supplies the electrical consumption of the house when the solar panels do not produce enough energy between the sunrise and sunset.

The surpluses of the production of solar panels are stored in the batteries, these inverters are regulating inverters, since they regulate the voltage of the photovoltaic energy to adapt it to the voltage of the batteries and thus be able to charge batteries with the surplus of the solar production.

Types off grid inverters

The inverters for isolated house can be of different types and powers, there are inverters for off grid house of 12v, inverters of off grid 24v and inverters of off grid 48v. Single-phase inverters and three-phase inverters for off grid housing, of different powers.

All solar inverters for off grid houses can work as long as they are not connected to a electrical network, that is, for example, a hybrid inverter can operate in an off grid installation because among its applications it can operate off grid, but we would lose potential by installing it, because technically it is a more sophisticated inverter designed for other types of solar installations, not specifically for insulation, for this purpose we have inverters for off grid houses and off grid photovoltaic installations, with characteristics more suited to their application and at a much cheaper and cheaper price.

There are several types of inverters designed for insulated homes and houses, apart from their power, we can find inverters with battery chargers, inverters, chargers, regulators and inverters as well as more sophisticated inverters with monitoring system and Wi-Fi connection to inverters with intelligent system of energy management.

Operation off grid inverters

The operation of the inverters for off grid housing is simple, if our solar installation is off grid we can choose the inverter that best suits our needs depending on the following variables, if we install batteries, the type of solar batteries (Stationary Batteries , Monoblock batteries or Lithium batteries), the power we need, the consumption we are going to cover.

In our online store we offer the best off grid inverters for houses in the market, recognized brands such as Victron Phoenix and Axpert, outstanding in the world of solar energy for their experience, efficiency and effectiveness after many years of experience.

The inverter processes the solar energy produced by the solar panels and allocates it to the electrical system of the dwelling, saving in its case the surplus energy in the batteries for later use.

From Suministros del Sol we recommend the installation of a generator set for off grid installations to ensure the electrical supply of the entire installation.

In addition to the inverters for isolated house we offer solar kits isolated of different powers so that you only have to make a study of the consumption of the house and choose one of the options that cover the energy needs. The photovoltaic kits for isolated housing:

House off grid Solar Kits

Solar Kits off grid with Monoblock Batteries

Solar Kits off grid with Stationary Batteries

Solar Kits off grid with Lithium Batteries

In addition to the Solar Kits offered we can design the solar kit according to the energy needs, our technical team are experts with years of experience in the photovoltaic solar energy sector and in the case of off grid photovoltaics with more than 10 years of experience installing solar panels for home.

Contact us to ask for more information about inverters for isolated network installations and we will advise you and inform you about which inverter for off grid house and other components you choose to optimize the solar system in the best possible way.