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Solax Triple Power Lithium Batteries | Buy solax solar batteries

Solax Solar Battery

Solax Lithium batteries for Solax self-consumption in residential homes, industrial applications and in isolated installations. In our section of lithium batteries Solax we offer the two options of batteries Solax, the triple power T45 and the T63. The Triple Power T45 stores up to 4.5kWh and the T63 up to 6.3kWh, each battery can be expanded by connecting up to 4 batteries in parallel, reaching both batteries up to 18kWh and 25.2kWh connecting up to 4 batteries.

To install the Solax lithium battery it is necessary to install a BMS, the Master Box MC0500, the BMS is necessary only in one unit to use a single battery and the 4 batteries. That is, only one aster Box MC0500 is required to install a battery or up to 4.


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Solax Triple Power Lithium Batteries for solar energy installations.