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Submersible Solar Water Pump | Solar Water Pumping Kit

Solar Water Pumping Kit 5 to 20 meters

Information Solar Pumping Kit 5 to 20 meters

In this section we show Solar Pumping Kit of 5 to 20 meters of different powers and flow so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In recent years, solar pumping has become a trend due to its efficiency and efficiency, as well as the economic savings associated with using solar energy. In Suministros del Sol we offer different kits with different submersible water pumps for wells, the appropriate solar inverter and the right number of solar panels for the correct operation of the water pump.

Applications of Solar Pumping Kit 5-20 meters

The smallest water pumping solar kits of the series, its design is specific to extract water from shallow wells, this implies that we can extract more water with the same power. In the series we offer pumps with different powers and flow for the different cases where a greater water flow or less is needed depending on the depth of the well and height where we need to carry the water. The submersible water pumps for wells of the kits are of the first brands and have the manufacturer's guarantee together with the solar inverter and the solar panels.

On farms or small farms where we need to extract water at shallow depths for filling small tanks, farms where the power grid does not reach and we want to do without an electric generator etc.

For more information or advice on how much solar pump kit suits your needs please contact us and we will advise you on which kit is the most suitable for you.


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