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Solax Inverter | Buy Solax inverter for solar installations

Solax Inverter

Solax solar inverters for grid-connected or hybrid installations to be used together with solar storage batteries, have very competitive prices offering high-level technical features that make it one of the most profitable brands for this type of systems.


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Solax inverter for grid-connected installations.

- Solax X1 Mini grid inverter from 700W to 2000W ideal for small photovoltaic installations connected to the electricity grid.

- Solax X1 Air grid inverter from 2500W to 3300W developed under principles of quality, reliability and efficiency at the best market price. Compatible with single-phase installations with a wide MPPT voltage range, which allows to collect a greater amount of energy with a maximum voltage of 580V.

- Solax X1 Boost grid inverter from 3000W to 5000W. This is a high-performance single-phase grid inverter for medium sized photovoltaic installations with a competitive price ideal for residences and country houses.

Solax hybrid inverter for grid-connected installations with solar storage batteries.

- Solax X1-Hybrid HV hybrid inverter for single-phase grid installations with high-voltage solar storage batteries.

- Solax X3-Hybrid HV hybrid inverter for three-phase grid installations with high-voltage solar storage batteries.

*This line of Solax hybrid inverters is complemented very interestingly with high voltage lithium batteries of the same brand Solax Triple Power, with capacities ranging from 4.5kWh to 25kWh