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supports and structures for solar panels

structure for solar panels

Structure for solar panels

To obtain an optimal performance of our solar installation we must not leave to chance something as important as the orientation and position of the solar panels with respect to the sun, the efficiency and effectiveness of the solar panels will depend on it. To obtain the correct position of the solar panels towards the sun we use structures and supports where we install the solar panels. Therefore, it is necessary to make a study of the place where we are going to install the plate field and its orientation to the sun, in order to offer the best positioning alternative for the solar panels compared to the sun and achieve near performance levels for which the solar installation was designed.


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In Suministros del Sol we offer structures and supports for solar panels of the highest quality, capable of withstanding strong gusts of wind, snow and resistant to electrolytic corrosion. In addition all our structures comply with the regulations of aluminum with respect to its chemical composition S / EN573-3 with respect to the mechanics S / EN755-2 and tolerances.

Aspects to consider before installing a structure for solar panels

Do an average annual study on the areas of wind, radiation and number of days with snow. Apart from the type of roof and surface on which we are going to install the supports, it is necessary to study the geographical situation and the climatic conditions.

The geographical situation is an aspect to be taken into account before installing the structure because through latitude it will indicate which is the optimum degree of inclination for the installation of the solar panels and that we will apply to the structure.

The climatic conditions will condition all the other characteristics to take into account. Among them we find:

Snow, in areas where this phenomenon occurs we must adapt the inclination and alignment of the solar structure so that snow does not accumulate and prevent the panels from absorbing the maximum amount of solar radiation.

Cloudy days, the amount of cloudy days will determine how many photovoltaic modules we must install to get the desired energy, therefore, will determine the dimensions of the solar structure.

Humidity, coastal areas with more humidity or areas with drier climates will determine what type of materials will be used for the construction of the structure and solar panels.

Wind speed, strong gusts of wind will force us to reinforce the fixations and safety of the assembly.

Types of structures for solar panels

Individual structure, designed to be installed on roofs or terraces with flat floor, with horizontal orientation, are used when it is not necessary to install many panels.

Structure with inclined triangle, are structures for solar panels to be installed on flat ground, terraces or roofs with the peculiarity that the modules are in vertical position, which can be installed a greater number of solar panels.

Coplanar structure, these structures are used on inclined surfaces, roofs or terraces. These structures show solutions such as double shingles and stud bolts that facilitate installation and safety, while reducing the visual contrast with the roof.

Other types, the installations of solar orchards, with variable inclination, elevated or for roofs type sandwich we can offer solutions to measure, so that the performance of the solar panels is optimized.

Suministros del Sol makes available to the customer structures for solar panels of the different types at the best price, in addition, our technical team will advise you on which support best meets the conditions of your solar installation, optimizing the performance of the installation. Contact us we will be happy to help you.