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Hybrid Inverter

About Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid inverters are those that combine the solar energy produced by solar panels, batteries and the conventional electricity grid. It has many applications in which photovoltaic installations for self-consumption stand out. The hybrid inverter converts the direct current of the panels into alternating current for domestic consumption. These inverters during the day are supplied primarily by solar panels, when it is not enough to do so from the batteries and when the batteries are at low levels of charge the hybrid inverter has the particularity that it will be supplied by the conventional electricity grid.


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Characteristics of Hybrid Inverters

This type of hybrid inverters works as an intelligent energy management system, the inverter introduces the solar energy produced by the solar panels in the electrical grid of the house and when production surpluses are produced it acts as a battery charger and stores surpluses of energy forming an efficient and effective energy management system. In addition, in exceptional cases of deficit solar energy, the hybrid inverter is supplied from the electricity grid, avoiding interruptions in the electricity supply of the house. Therefore, the Hybrid Hybrid performs three fundamental functions, energy converter (direct current in alternating current), battery charger (stores the surplus in batteries) and hybridizes with the electrical network so as not to interrupt the power supply.

Differences of the hybrid inverter with other solar inverters

Differences with the off grid Inverter, the Hybrid inverter is the technological peak with respect to the solar inverters in relation to its functions and characteristics, the hybrid inverter can work in parallel using different energy sources, that is, it can combine the energy produced by the plates solar photovoltaic and the power of the electrical network according to the needs of the house, always optimizing the consumptions in relation to the sources, avoiding cuts of electrical supply.

In relation to the off grid inverter converts the direct current produced by the solar panels into alternating, limiting the alternative source of energy coming from the network, in this case the inverters chargers, all-in-one inverters and hybrid inverters can work, provided that they are not connect to the network.

Differences with the charger inverter, the charger inverter has the particularity that it supplies power from the electric network to charge the batteries, but in no case can it work in parallel with the different energy sources such as the hybrid inverter, the charger inverter when it detects Low levels of the battery uses the electrical network for agrarias up to the configured level, to later convert it and use it to supply the electrical supply.

Differences with the All-In-One inverter, the difference between the hybrid solar inverter and the all-in-one inverter is simple, the all-in-one inverter has the functions of hybrid inverters, can charge batteries from the electrical network, has charge current regulator batteries with solar energy and can operate with network, the difference is that they can not work in parallel as the hybrid inverters.

Differences with the grid connection inverter, the grid inverter can only work with solar panels and network, therefore, the difference is clear, the hybrid inverter in addition to operating in parallel with network, it does with batteries and solar panels.

In Suministros del Sol you can find a wide range of hybrid or All-In-One inverters so you can choose and buy the one that best suits your needs with the guarantee of Macas and recognized manufacturers such as Ingeteam, Voltronic or Solax with powers from 3Kw to 10Kw The best price of the market. To obtain information or advice on which inverter or any solar component is more suitable for your photovoltaic installation, contact us, we will study your case, and we will offer you the best option.