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Voltronic Power. Axpert inverters and charge controllers

Voltronic Axpert (Off-grid)

Voltronic Power manufactures the versatile Axpert inverters for off-grid installations with batteries. It also stands out for the quality/price of the equipment.

It recently launched a new line of inverters for off-grid installations with inverters such as the Axpert MAX 7200 and Axpert MAX II 8,000 among others.

>> IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Voltronic Axpert units are specially designed for use in off-grid installations without mains connection. Please note that no online technical support and warranty claims can be made if the equipment is connected to the mains.  <<


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Voltronic Power is certainly the leading manufacturer of inverters for off-grid photovoltaic systems thanks to the quality offered at very low prices.

These include Axpert inverter chargers for off-grid systems up to 11kW. In addition, axpert inverters for off-grid installations are compatible with one of the most affordable lithium batteries of the latest generation on the market, Pylontech US2000CPylontech US3000C y new battery Pylontech US5000.