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Solar Batteries

About Solar batteries

The batteries, or solar accumulators are one of the most important elements of the photovoltaic installation. It is the component in charge of storing the photovoltaic solar energy that we will later use in case we need it.

In photovoltaic solar installations are usually used for the need to make autonomous power consumption, so when the solar panels produce more energy than demanded instantly the system stores the surplus energy in the solar batteries for later consumption.


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In addition to the applications of the photovoltaic sector batteries have many more applications and uses, their condition of being portable opens a range of applications different from those of the photovoltaic sector, in Suministros del Sol we offer batteries for motorhomes, batteries for surveillance systems, batteries for alarm systems, batteries for portable lighting systems and emergency lighting systems among others.

Solar batteries for photovoltaics are getting better quality and offer better performance, in our online store we offer a wide range of solar batteries at the best price on the market and with the best selling conditions, so you can buy batteries at a cheap price with The maximum guarantee.

Importance of solar batteries in photovoltaic installations

There are several types of photovoltaic installations and it is not always necessary to use batteries. Depending on the type of installation, we differentiate between photovoltaic installation with batteries, also called photovoltaic installations for self-consumption, and photovoltaic installations for grid connection.

The difference is simple, in the self-consumption photovoltaic installations we look for the independence of the electrical network, that is why the use of solar batteries or solar accumulators to avoid the power supply cut when the solar panel production is not enough during the sunset and the sunrise to supply the house, and on the other hand, the photovoltaic installations with connection to the network, which do not have batteries installed and, in case of energy need, it is supplied by the conventional electricity network.

In addition to the use of solar batteries in photovoltaic installations with batteries or photovoltaic installations for self-consumption, there are other types of photovoltaic installations that combine batteries and the electrical network, we would speak of mixed or hybrid photovoltaic installations.

Types of Solar Photovoltaic Batteries

Most of the solar batteries installed in the solar installations are lead-acid and the innovative lithium batteries, which are increasingly common in photovoltaic installations.

Solar batteries are classified according to their voltage and the technology used;

According to the voltage:

6V solar batteries

12V solar batteries

24V solar batteries

48V Solar Batteries

According to your technology:

Lead-acid solar batteries

AGM batteries GEL batteries Monoblock batteries

Stationary Solar Batteries:

OPzS Batteries OPzV Batteries TOPzS Batteries

What type of Solar Battery do I need?

First, we must choose the type of solar panel, depending on its characteristics and its technology we can determine the type of solar battery we need, its technology and its capacity.

Aspects to take into account when choosing a solar battery:

The location of the solar battery, according to the battery technology used (lead-acid batteries, AGM-GEL batteries, monoblock batteries, stationary batteries or lithium batteries). The choice is usually based on whether the batteries need maintenance or not and the dimensions of it.

The use, according to the capacity we need, the power we need, if we can perform periodic maintenance and finally the budget we have to buy them

Climatic conditions, depending on the temperature and ventilation we must decline by one type of batteries or another, since some batteries deteriorate with heat and cold and do not offer the performance for which it was designed. Lead-acid batteries (monoblock batteries, AGM batteries, GEL batteries, stationary batteries (OPzS Batteries, OPzV Batteries and TOPzS Batteries.

Type of charge, the recharge of the lead-acid batteries of GEL - AGM or monoblock battery is different for example that the recharge of the lithium batteries, we will have to configure the equipment to the different batteries or install the battery corresponding to each equipment and needs.

Batteries for solar photovoltaic kits

In Suministros del Sol you can find batteries of different types and capacities to complement solar kits, from monoblock batteries, AGM and Gel batteries, stationary batteries and lithium batteries. The batteries offered in our online store are top brands and have the manufacturer's warranty.

In our online store you can find photovoltaic kits for self consumption with cheap batteries with the best after sales service. In the photovoltaic kit section there are self-consumption kits with lithium batteries, photovoltaic kits for self-consumption with stationary OPzS and OPzV batteries and solar kits for self-consumption with monoblock batteries.

Suministros del Sol is not responsible for faults in the installation or configuration of the solar installation and for any damage that may arise in the batteries as in other photovoltaic components.