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Inverters SAJ - For self-consumption solar installations

SAJ Inverters

The new generation of SAJ inverters for self-consumption installations incorporate the latest technology in a compact and very silent unit. The SAJ inverters are easy to install and with a quick start up. 


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SAF inverter models available

For residential self-consumption installations we can find single-phase SAJ models with 1MPPT from 700W to 3kW and single-phase SAJ models with 2MPPT from 3kW to 8kW. Among the range of three-phase residential SAJ we find models ranging from 4kW to 20kW.

Especially noteworthy are the single-phase SAJ models from 6kW to 8kW, single-phase inverters that are difficult to find in other brands for these powers and much less at such competitive prices. 

For industrial installations, SAJ has the three-phase inverters Suntrio from 33kW to 50kW.

These inverters from SAJ have incorporated Wifi and a very complete monitoring thanks to the Kit Esolar SEC + Wattmeter Chint DDSU666 for single-phase installations or Chint DTSU666 for three-phase installations.