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Solar Water Pump for Deep Well

80 to 110 meters

Solar Pozo Deep Pumping Kit

We offer solar kits for wells between 80 and 110 metersthe depth is estimated for the components that form the kit, in the section we offer solar Kit and Triphasic Solar Kit according to the flow and altitude needs to which the water is needed.Normally 90% of the drilled wells have a depth of more than 50 meters and less than 200, therefore the solar kits we offer can meet the water extraction needs of most of the small and medium farms and farms.

Solar Pumping Kit Components

All Solar Pumping Kits make up three main elements.these are the solar plates, solar investor and the water pump.Our kits are designed according to the depth of the well and the water, besides the altitude from the well level to carry the water.

Solar Investor For Pozo

Of the Solar Kits we show we offer according to the power of the water pump two types of Solar Investor:

Monophosic Solar InvestorFor the Solar Kits of 0,75cv to 3cv this type of solar investor is powerful enough to supply the necessary energy to the water pump and we have three-level solar power kit in monophasic.

Triphasic Solar InvestorFor 4 cv and 5cv solar kits, where we need more power for the water pump to work properly, all our kits are designed with the right number of solar panels and the right protections for each Water Pump and solar inverter.

Solar Plates for Agricultural Irrigation

We use the solar plates that best suit the solar pumping kit to install, we offer solar panels of different measures so that we can adapt the field of plates in the best possible way.There are no differences between solar panels for water pumps, each kit can be compatible for water extraction of a well for different uses, such as human consumption or irrigation in farms or farms.The aspect to take into account are the powers and measures since with these paramento we will design the photovoltaic field.

Installation Pozo Solar Pumping Kit

In Sun Supplies we offer advice and study each particular case, we study the needs and parameters to have in how much when composing a Solar Pump Kit and in the event that it is not us the installers offer information so that a professional or qualified person can install it without problem.The components of the Solar Pumping Kit are of first brands and quality, and have the manufacturer's guarantees.

Contact us and we will help you in choosing the Solar Pumping Kit that best suits us needs, plus we can personify each kit to be made custom for each particular case.


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