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Goodwe Inverter | Buy hybrid goodwe inverter for solar installations.

Goodwe inverter

The Goodwe solar inverter belongs to a pioneering company in the manufacture of photovoltaic inverters for residential and commercial installations. They have the guarantee of more than 30,000 units sold each month and the reliability of a strict quality control to ensure the highest possible yield.


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Goodwe EM series inverter for grid-connected installations or isolated systems.

- Goodwe's EM series is a hybrid inverter that works both in grid-connected photovoltaic installations and in isolated solar installations. During the day, the energy from the panels feeds the battery loads and supplies energy to the house using energy from the panels and the electricity grid if necessary. During the night, the electricity accumulated during the day is used, but it can also be configured to charge the battery at night, taking advantage of the lower price of light.

Goodwe GW3048-EM inverter. Hybrid inverter of 3kW for installation to network or isolated monophasic compatible with batteries of solar accumulation of lithium or lead.

Goodwe GW5048-EM inverter. 5kW hybrid inverter for single-phase grid or isolated installation compatible with solar lithium or lead storage batteries.