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Solar Pumping Conversion Kits | The best price

Solar Kits without Water Pumps

Solar Kits for Water Pumps

The solar kits for water pumps are a set of components formed by solar panels and a solar pump controller or frequency inverter. Every day it is more frequent to optimize the extraction of water from the wells, and if you already have the water pump installed you only need the solar kit for water pump to convert the extraction of water to pumping solar water.



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Operation Kit for Solar Water Pump

There are two modes of operation depending on the configuration and design of the pumping system installation, on the one hand, the solar pumping kit can be configured with frequency variators, which we also call solar pump controller, this means that the flow of the pump will vary according to the solar radiation.

Solar Irrigation with Ponds or Cisterns

The water pump controller (frequency inverter) will alter the rotation of the water pump according to the radiation received by the solar panels by varying the water flow of the pump. This configuration is optimal and the most efficient since it takes full advantage of the energy produced by the solar panel. A pond or cistern is needed.

Direct Solar Irrigation

On the other hand, it can be configured with solar inverters and make the rotation rate of the pump always 100%. This system can be effective for direct irrigation or for applications that require the maximum flow of the constant pump. This system is less efficient, since in the periods of sundown and sunset the energy is not used as it does not give the necessary power to operate the water pump at 100%.

 Water Pumps Compatible with the Solar Water Pumping Kit

On our website we offer 6 solar kits for water pumps of different characteristics, we offer 4 solar kits for single-phase water pumps and 2 solar kits for three-phase water pumps. The kits for single-phase pumps are solar kits for 0.5cv pumps, 1cv water pumps, 0.75cv water pumps 1.5cv water pumps, 3cv water pumps and 3cv three phase water pumps and 5cv water pumps. Solar kits can supply water pumps of equal or less power.

For water pumps of different characteristics or old water pumps or with specific characteristics you can consult us by custom made solar pumping kit, providing the technical data sheet of the water pump motor, we can study each case in particular.

Buy Solar Kit for Water Pump at the best price

In Suministros del Sol you can buy the best solar kit for water pumps at the best price, we offer cheap solar kits for shallow wells and deep wells, in addition to more advanced solar pumping solar systems with wireless programming and monitoring systems. Call us without obligation, we advise you on your particular case. Great after-sales service