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Wind turbines

Wind Turbines

Wind energy/ Aerogenerators

We have different power turbines at the best price, in Sun Supplies you can buy electric turbines for self-consumption and isolated installations.We offer wind turbines 12v, 24v and 48v all with manufacturer warranty.Wind energy is becoming closer to its reach and with economic prices.

What are wind turbines?

Wind turbines are complex machines that through strength of the wind makes a generator move and produces electricity.This energy like solar energy is classified into renewable energies, therefore the energy produced by an aerogenerator is clean energy, sustainable and inexhaustible.Formerly the force of the wind was used in the industrial sector in factories and mills of various types of fruits and cereals.Currently wind energy is used to produce electric energy for human and industrial consumption, using advanced technology significant electrical production levels are achieved.

Wind turbines for domestic self-consumption are a means to generate the breeding we need in the house in a clean way, so in our self-consumption installation the turbine keeps the bacteria at the optimal load level.The characteristic and main difference regarding the solar panels is that the wind turbine uses the wind as a resource, and it is indistinctly in day as in night so it can produce electric power throughout the day.


  • They work both day and night
  • installation easy


  • intermitence of the wind
  • production level in key hours

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