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Submersible pumps kits

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In this section you can buy solar water pumps with the best price and quality conditions in the market. Solar and conventional water pumps for wells and cisterns of different powers and capacities so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


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About solar water pumps for irrigation or cisterns

They are equipment that transforms the electrical energy coming from the solar panels into rotating mechanical energy that finally serves to exert pressure and suck water. The final objective of these water pumps is as we have seen before is to move, or extract water from one place to another, so according to the needs to be covered we will need water pumps of different characteristics and powers.

Solar water pumps can be of two types, submersible water pumps or surface water pumps, both have different characteristics in terms of depth from which the water is extracted and conditions to which they are exposed. Submersible water pumps can generally extract water deeper than surface water and, when immersed in water, do not need a shelter to protect them from the weather. On the other hand, the design of surface water pumps does not allow the extraction of water at a great depth (consult specifications) but they have the advantage of being ideal for portable use due to their manageability.

In our online store you can buy the best solar pump kit that suits your needs classified by flow and depth, submersible pump kit 5 to 20 meters, submersible pump kit 20 to 50 meters, submersible pump kit 50 to 80 meters and pump kit Submersible 80 to 110 meters. From Suministros del Sol we invite you to contact us to study your specific case and to be able to offer the most suitable solar pumping kit for the use that is going to be given to you.

To choose the kit that best suits your needs, you must take into account three variables:

Flow: It is the amount of water that is able to extract a pump in a certain period of time. We have kits that offer flow rates from 10,000 liters per day to 490,000 liters per day.

Vertical elevation: The height between the pump and the highest point of the irrigation system.

Power: We have kits that include pumps from 0.5CV to pumps with 5CV of maximum power.

It is very important to take into account the previous data since the same pump, located at different heights, generates different flows.