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Inverters with Battery Charger

Inverters Chargers

The inverters chargers are those solar inverters that incorporate a technology that allows to supply the electrical system without interruptions. It is a solar inverter that incorporates a battery charger, the system detects the voltage level of the batteries activates the charger, the supply of the electrical on grid or a group of generators up to the charging of the batteries at the level Supplying at the same time Electrical system of housing.

In Suministros del Sol we can buy inverters 12v chargers, inverters chargers of 24v and inverters chargers to 48v with the guarantee of the best manufacturers, Victron Phoenix charger inverter, Axpert charger inverter, Outback charger inverter, Xantrex charger inverter and many more, with the Better technical advice from our expert installers. You can check the inverters in the loaders of different types and the availability of specific models.


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The inverter can be updated with the electricity grid with solar energy. housing The pure sinewave charger inverter offers an ideal type of wave for the consumption of electrical energy that guarantees the good functioning of all electrical components.

The inverter can also be used to allow the generation of photovoltaic solar energy prevents blackouts, in the case of turning off the inverter you can use electrical power instead. Photovoltaic for home or business without restrictions and economic form. Installing the inverter in the photovoltaic installation are all advantages.

Uses of chargers inverters

The inverter is very useful in the applications of sporadic or habitual use and it is usually used in small solar installations or in places where the photovoltaic field can not be correctly dimensioned, the installation of enough solar panels is not viable for the installation to work properly and can correctly supply the electrical consumption of the house.

The solar inverter with charger is very useful in country houses and houses with little space to install solar panels. In addition, the price of solar inverters with charger is very economical, which allows self-consumption with solar energy at a low price.

The charger inverter incorporates an internal system that allows it to work with the conventional electrical network and a generator set directly. 

Aspects to take into account the charging inverters

The inverters adjust to their characteristics. They are converted into alternating direct current, normally direct current at 12v, direct current 24v direct current at 48v to 230v at AC, the voltage of the inverter work depends on each case of the voltage of the battery bank, for example, if we have a bank of batteries that works with a voltage of 48v, our inverter charger must be a 48v solar inverter with charger in this case.

In the case of installing an auxiliary generator set to support the solar system we must take into account the powers, we have the internal charger of the inverter that requires 2000w and the consumption of the house 3000w we need a solar generator set of 5200w. In the event that we do not have that generator, we should limit the power of the battery charger, so that the supply of the house is assured and so that there is no problem with the generator of electricity production.

One day today, almost all solar inverters are sine wave, which makes it ideal for the electrical consumption of the house, 220v in AC.

Batteries compatible with inverters.

When choosing the solar battery for the charger inverter we have to take into account the voltage of the battery bank, if we have a bank of batteries with 24v voltage so that we can install the charger inverter.


In the market there is a wide variety of solar batteries compatible with solar inverters with charger. You can see the compatible batteries in the following links:

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Buy inverter charger online

In Suministros del Sol you can buy the best cheap chargers investors of the best brands and with the powers that best suit your needs. If your installation is 12v, 24 or 48 on our website we offer different investors of different brands at the best online price, and if you have any questions, contact us, we will help you and advise on the choice of the best solar inverters in the market, plates solar, structures for panels and all the photovoltaic accessories necessary for installation, and if you wish, for your convenience we also offer our installation service.