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Ingeteam Inverters | Suministros del Sol

Ingeteam inverters

Ingeteam inverters are among the best in the market, both in the Ingeteam Sun 1 Play series and in the Ingeteam Sun Storage series, the brand offers residential solutions for two series of inverters, network inverters up to 5kW of power for grid self-consumption systems , and in hybrid systems with inverseses of up to 6kW compatible with 48V lithium batteries.


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Ingeteam inverter characteristics

Series 1 Play: The Ingeteam inverters of the series 1 play have two tracking systems of maximum power point (MPPT), allowing to extract the maximum power from the photovoltaic field, even in installations on roofs with various orientations, with partial or low shading conditions of variable cloudiness.

High efficiency system, Ingeteam has developed a high efficiency system using several electronic conversion topologies, these equipments achieve efficiency levels of up to 98%.

High protection, Ingeteam inverters of either the 1-Play series or the Sun Storage series have the advantage of being compatible with 30mA differentials, the most used to protect people from fatal electric discharges for humans.

State-of-the-art technology, speaking of investors ingeteam is above all talking about innovation and development, always at the forefront in the development of firmware, the ingeteam solar inverters have been designed to ensure easy handling, they incorporate touch screen TL M serious, in addition The signature of these inverters is updatable by the user using a simple SD card. 

Download Data Sheet Ingeteam Sun 1 Play

Sun Storage Series: The inverter Ingecon SUN Storage 1 Play are the single-phase inverters of Ingeteam with batteries, in addition to the characteristics of the Series 1 Play the inverters Ingeteam of the series Sun Storage allow the bidirectional power flow between the batteries and the consumptions, the investor can create isolated networks generating an isolated alternating network, acting as a network manager and achieving the balance between generation, accumulation and consumption, controlling at all times the flow between the network and the batteries.

The Ingeteam SUN Storage inverter integrates a photovoltaic input, which makes it cheaper to install the whole system, this allows to integrate a photovoltaic inverter and a battery inverter in a single device, as well as incorporating a disconnected section of the photovoltaic field.

Operating in isolated mode the inverter ingeteam allows the connection of an auxiliary generator in case of need, this auxiliary system can be switched on automatically by the Ingeteam inverter both to supply the consumption of the house and to charge the batteries up to the pre-set level.

Download Data Sheet Ingeteam Sun Storage 1 Play

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