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Lithium batteries for solar storage

Lithium batteries

For quite some time now, lithium batteries for self-consumption are being researched in the sector, obtaining very good results, and that everyone knows. Lithium batteries or accumulators are present in our market already at a more than affordable price, and if we consider the comparative performance with traditional lead-acid batteries may be even cheap.

We all expected Tesla Powerwall's battery to land in our market, but at the same time other manufacturers already had lithium batteries for self-consumption and industrial use at a good price, yes, the Tesla battery has revolutionized the market and the renewable energy sector for self-consumption

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Lithium batteries for solar installations

Lithium batteries or accumulators are the new generation in batteries and accumulators, and since they have landed in the sector of self-consumption and renewable energy are revolutionizing the sector. It is the present and future of the accumulation of energy.

The joint application of lithium batteries with photovoltaic systems does not cease to surprise and improve performance with respect to batteries with lead-acid and gel technology.

Advantages Lithium Batteries

Safety, lithium batteries are much safer than competitors, opening a range of possibilities for applications in the self-consumption sector.

Up to 3 times more energy density per unit of weight than lead-acid. That is, lithium batteries are capable of storing up to 3 times more energy, a Lithium-Ion battery can store up to 120Wh / Kg compared to 40Wh / kg of batteries with lead-acid technology.

Higher voltage, Lithium is a very