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Isolated house kits

Off Grid Kits

About Solar Kits Isolated Housing

The solar kits for isolated housing allow us to enjoy electricity in those homes where the conventional electricity grid does not reach or simply want to do without it. It is a Photovoltaic Kit composed of solar panels with manufacturer's guarantee of 25 years, solar inverter and of different types and characteristics and sufficient accessories for its assembly and configuration.

In Suministros del Sol you can buy the Isolated Solar Housing Kit at the best price and with the advice of the best technical team, in our online store you can find several isolated solar kits so you can choose the one that best suits your energy needs, you just have to make a estimate the consumption of the house and choose the isolated solar home kit that best suits your consumption.


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In this section you can find isolated solar kits for country houses and residential homes, we also offer three-phase solar grid kits and solar acutoconsumo kit with batteries. The isolated home solar kit can be combined with different batteries, acid lead batteries, gel batteries, AGM batteries and with the innovative lithium batteries.

For assembly it is not necessary to be an expert installer, the assembly is simple, also from Suministros del Sol we offer all the advice you need.

What kind of isolated solar kit do I need?

The isolated solar connection kit is the type of solar kit that is characterized because, as its name suggests, it is used in isolated dwellings or in homes that want to dispense with electricity companies or that it is not possible to contract electricity. For this, the isolated solar kit incorporates batteries, this is because the solar panels when nightfall reduces energy production and, therefore, we would not have energy. At night we begin to consume the energy stored in the batteries until the next day they begin to produce solar panels more energy.

Solar energy for the home is increasingly susceptible thanks to the solar kits for isolated houses, we also know these kits as self-consumption kits with batteries or photovoltaic solar kits for isolated houses, inside these solar kits as well as being able to configure each kit customized solar or personify it according to the characteristics and consumption of each case in particular on our website we offer solar kit with Gel batteries, solar kit with AGM batteries and solar kits with lithium batteries. See Lithium batteries for self-consumption.

Isolated solar kit for Country House

Isolated solar kits are common in country houses, in many rural homes there is no conventional electricity network or simply the costs are high. On our website we offer isolated solar kit for cottages with batteries. In addition, the cottages are susceptible to the installation of solar kits for self-consumption because they have the facility to install a structure for solar panels more easily than in homes in cities, for example.

Another advantage of the installation of a photovoltaic kit for houses and field is the functionality, in the fields with pools or wells the installation of an isolated solar kit is much more functional because we can configure and dimensional isolated solar kit so that everything the consumption of the pool pump and the well water pump is solar energy consumption.

Isolated solar kit for residential homes

It is increasingly common to see houses with photovoltaic solar panels on their roofs, from Suministros del Sol we invite you to contact us and we will advise on isolated solar cualkit is the most suitable for your home, we designed the custom solar kit with the necessary batteries so that the energy supply is not cut off with the usual energy consumption. The choice of the solar battery is very important since it will determine the energy supply in the hours of low solar energy production.

Do not hesitate any more about making your house efficient, in our online store you can find self-consumption kits or solar kit for isolated houses with the maximum guarantee on components from recognized manufacturers and with the backing of a great technical team.

Installation of the Isolated House Solar Kit

The installation of an isolated solar kit is simple, although it has many components that can be cumbersome to install, in Suministros del Sol we recommend that the installation is done by qualified personnel, in this way we avoid irreparable errors and equipment damage. To eliminate any setbacks and problems with the installation we put at your disposal our team of expert installers who will travel to any place in Spain to offer the installation service of the isolated solar kit, solar kit for connection to the network, solar kit for self-consumption, photovoltaic kit for self consumption.

Suministros del Sol are experts in the installation of the photovoltaic kits for self-consumption, the kit for isolated housing are the most demanded in the field areas or areas of difficult access to the electricity network and Suministros del Sol have the experience of having installed a kit photovoltaic of all types and measures, both for isolated housing as a kit for connection to the network and kit for hybrid self-consumption.

Aspects to keep in mind about the maintenance of the isolated solar home kit

All photovoltaic kits require periodic maintenance of all its components, solar panels, solar inverters and, above all, solar batteries, depending on the type; lead batteries (open, GEL or AGM) stationary glass or lithium batteries for self-consumption. Depending on the type of solar installations and the components of the solar kit, we must do different maintenance tasks for the isolated photovoltaic kits. For example, it is not the same to install open lead acid batteries as lithium batteries, lithium batteries maintenance is practically nil. In all cases we recommend following the procedures of the technical sheet of all the components of the solar kit for proper maintenance.

In addition to the batteries, it is necessary to check the solar panels, verify that they are clean without shadows, the charge regulators and solar inverters that work with the proper parameters of the load and that perform for what was designed. From supplies of the Sun we offer all the necessary information to do the correct maintenance to the isolated solar home kits as well as for other solar kits.

Buy solar housing kit isolated

In Suministros del Sol we offer a great variety of solar kit for isolated houses as well as the other solar kit, photovoltaic kit for connection to the grid, single-phase photovoltaic kit and three-phase photovoltaic kit. On our website you can buy an isolated solar kit for self-consumption at the best price and with the technical advice of the best professionals. And if you wish we put at your service our team of installers.

In addition, we offer isolated solar kit of different models and powers and of different prices and brands so that you can buy the cheap solar kit with the guarantee of manufacturers of recognized world prestige or buy isolated solar kist of last generation and technology, for the most innovators

To offer a better service to the client, we encourage you to contact us, we will advise you on which isolated solar kit is the most suitable for your isolated house or for your country houses, in addition to the other more innovative solar kits on the market.