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What accessories and photovoltaic spare parts do you need?

The solar installations are not only composed of solar panels, inverters and batteries, so that they work properly it must be complemented with quality photovoltaic components and accessories, such as wattmeters, charge regulators, cables for solar installations, MC4 female and male connectors for panels solar, terminals for batteries, fuse boxes and many more accessories to achieve extend the life of the installation many years offering the best possible performance.



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To achieve a quality installation it is necessary to use quality photovoltaic accessories, and if possible at the best price. The accessories and accessories required in the solar installation are pre-set according to the design and characteristics of the installation, a solar installation of 10Kw is not the same as another of 3Kw for example. Each one should be equipped in the best way with respect to its characteristics. To get the solar installation to work properly, do not hesitate to buy the best components and accessories, the solar equipment during its useful life will appreciate it.

In Suministros del Sol we offer you the best solar components and accessories at the best price and we advise you on what are necessary to ensure that the installation works correctly with guarantee and safety. Contact us and reports on what you need for your solar installations.