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  • €384.00 - €2,360.00

INVT is one of the world's leading manufacturers of inverters.

INVT inverters

INVT is a leading technology company providing innovative solutions for the photovoltaic solar energy sector. Particularly noteworthy are the solar pumping inverters in the BPD range, as well as its range of inverters for residential and commercial self-consumption installations, both single-phase and three-phase, of high quality and at very affordable prices.


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Without any doubt, the INVT solar pumping inverters of the BPD series are the best option for all those who are thinking of changing the current pump of their well or tank for a solar energy system. BPD pumping inverters offer powers from 0.75kW to 4kW with 2 MPPT and valid for both single-phase and three-phase pumps. In addition, the brand develops residential and industrial self-consumption inverters with the best quality/price ratio on the market. The grid inverters reach up to 40kW in the iMars BG version. INVT has single-phase inverters (up to 5kW) and three-phase inverters (from 4 to 40kW). iMars BD Hybrid is the series of inverters for self-consumption installations with accumulation. These new INVT inverters are available in 3 and 5 kW and are suitable for both lead acid batteries and new lithium batteries. With a modular design and easy to install, also incorporates the remote monitoring system iMars with which we can have access at all times to data generation and power consumption of our plant INVT. Buy INVT inverters for pumping or for photovoltaic installations at the best price and if you have any questions, call us