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about mast

About Mast

Structure with pole or raised frame to mount solar panels in height

With the single-frame structures with raised frame they are perfect to place the solar panels in height and to be able to orientate them to the south so that they work optimally and increase their performance. The structure is made of high quality aluminum and resistance and is valid for both self-consumption and industrial facilities.


Monoposte, with this type of structure the impact on the ground is minimized, leaving only one post on the ground and in height the solar panels with their respective anchors.

Easy to install and orientate, these structures allow to elevate the solar panels to the desired height (Eliminate shadows as much as possible), and to orient the solar panels to the south and apply to the structure the optimum degrees of inclination for its operation.


Capacity. In the support for elevated solar panels the number of solar panels can be limited for a structure, therefore it is necessary to carefully study the needs of each solar installation

For more information and advice, consult us, we will help you choose the support that best suits your needs as well as the other photovoltaic components, inverters, batteries, wiring and more accessories.


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