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Tesvolt lithium battery | Buy tesvolt batteries at the best price

Batteries Tesvolt

Tesvolt Lithium Batteries for Shops and Industries

The lithium batteries of the Tesvolt brand of the TS 25 series are batteries formed by 4.8kWh modules, the batteries are mounted in a battery rack and up to 5 modules can be installed, reaching a storage capacity of 24kWh. lithium batteries to give solutions to large demands of energy storage.

The Tesvolt lithium battery has been designed exclusively for businesses and industries that is why when it comes to TESVOLT products, safety, durability, performance and reliability are the main priorities.



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Characteristics of Tesvolt batteries

The TESVOLT lithium batteries use only cobalt oxide (nMC) lithium prismatic, high-grade nickel-lithium cells from Samsung SDI, which have hitherto been used in high-quality electric cars. These cells are designed in such a way that they do not present safety risks, even in case of failure or mechanical damage.

The Tesvolt battery has a long life thanks to its more than average number of cycles and a cycle depth (DoD) of around 100%, batteries can be discharged at 1C long term and 4C in short periods (max. seconds). Tesvolt, in addition to being an innovator and a reference in the industrial and commercial sector in energy storage, is environmentally friendly, the Tesvolt lithium battery does not contain heavy metals harmful to the environment and can be recycled.

The Tesvolt lithium batteries incorporate the bidirectional active method, it is a method of leveling the different load states, it is about leveling the load level of the cells, the excess load of the cells are transferred to other cells with lower load, in any direction that presents a lower state of charge. This method achieves a level SOC in less time and an energy conversion efficiency of 92%, higher than the passive method and the unidirectional active method.

Compatibility of Tesvolt Lithium batteries with SMA inverters

Tesvolt lithium batteries are compatible with solar inverters SMA Sunny Island, an energy solution for companies, significantly reduces constes, respects the environment and helps the viability of the company, optimizing energy resources.

The compatibility agreement between Tesvolt and SMA is a great step to optimize the performance and efficiency of power supply in remote installations of the network as in installations connected to the network. This data encourages companies to produce their own electricity at a price of less than 14 cents. per kWh, including the equipment to generate it.

The combination of the Tesvolt lithium batteries and the inverters of the Sunny Island series reach one of the highest levels of complete performance of the market system, currently standing at about 84% and 79%.

Tesvolt lithium battery for photovoltaic solar energy installations for industrial use