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Solar Water Pumping Kit Up to 80m | Solar Irrigation

Direct Solar Pumping Kit 50 to 80 meters

Solar pump kit for wells up to 80 meters

In Suministros del Sol we offer solar direct pumping kit for wells of different dimensions so you can buy which is best suited to your needs.

How does the solar water pumping kit of up to 80 meters work?

There are infinite variations of solar pumping equipment according to their uses, they are normally used for filling tanks and for direct irrigation. The solar pumping kits are usually complemented with components such as batteriesstructure for solar panels, level probes ... etc

When the solar panels generate the minimum energy the pump starts sucking water according to the current generated by the solar panels that reach the inverter, when it is in the strip where more energy is generated the water flow will increase and with it the performance of the bomb.

For more information consult with us, we will study your particular case and we propose solar pumping kit for wells and cisterns made to measure, in this way you get the system to be effective and efficient.


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