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Marquee for Solar Panels | Solar Parking

Marquee for solar panels

Marquee for solar panels

Marquee for solar panels of different sizes and capacity, this type of structure have the particularity of being elevated, giving possibility to different uses. They are usually used on flat surfaces that for some reason you need to raise the height of the solar panels, either by shadows or by space. This type of elevated structure can be used for solar parking, porches in residential homes and solar pergolas.



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About Canopies for solar panels

The elevated structures for solar panels are made of high strength aluminum and stainless steel fasteners, and can be designed to install two rows of 1 panel and 3 rows of a panel. For more information about canopies for solar panels or structures for raised panels consult us.

Uses of canopies for solar panels

Pergola with solar panels; One of the most frequent uses of ls structures or supports for elevated solar panels is its application in pergolas, in porches of residential houses, cottages and in places where the installation of solar panels is susceptible and another use can be given to the interior space of said structures.

Solar parking; It is becoming more common in neighborhood communities and commercial parks to see solar panels installed in parking garages. The rise of the electric car means that the solar parking set with electric car charger is increasingly being sought. parking are ideal for installing solar panels as they are usually flat surfaces and in many cases without shadows around them.

This type of structures can be used at a particular level and in neighboring communities, since their measurements are previously predefined, for installations of solar pergolas and solar parking with personalized measurements it is necessary to know some data, such as the parking measure, height, width ... etc.

Therefore, in the case of car parks it is usual to use the upper surface for the installation of solar panels, for more information on the choice of the type of carport for your parking or if you need a custom structure consult with us, we will help you without compromise .

Other uses; the canopies for photovoltaic have a wide variety of applications or uses, the advantage of being able to install the panels in height generates a range of possibilities when looking for location to install the plates, always adapting each installation to the needs of each user.

Photovoltaic Marquee Price

The price of elevated structures or canopies for solar panels is usually somewhat higher than the conventional structures for flat floor, it is logical to foresee that more material is used in its construction and are usually manufactured to install a number of even panels, although You want a customized photovoltaic marquee you can install the precise panels to completely cover the surface. In Suministros del Sol we offer all kinds of solutions for photovoltaic structures, solutions tailored to the best market price.

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