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Solar Energy Manager  Ampere Energy All in one

Ampere Energy Lithium Battery

Intelligent energy systems Ampere for usual residence, this is a team composed of ampere lithium batteries, solar inverter and intelligent energy management software developed by Ampere Energy. The equipment has been developed to alleviate the energy needs of self-consumption homes, for commonly used homes.

The range of Ampere products varies according to the power and energy needs, from energy managers of 3.3kWh to 12.5kWh designed for homes of usual use and shops, these ampere power works as an intelligent energy system, buying power from the electric network in the valley zone of the night tariff and storing in the lithium batteries to consume it during the day in the dwelling. The software manages the times and the configurations of the equipment optimizing the consumptions.



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Solar Energy Manager  Ampere Energy All in one

One of the lines of work and innovation of Ampere Energy is the manufacture and development of energy management equipment for commerce and industry, for these sectors energy consumption remains one of the main pillars of economic savings.

Characteristics of Ampere lithium batteries for self-consumption Habitual residence

There are two types of ampere power managers, equipment with photovoltaic connection input and without photovoltaic input, the difference between both is that the first can be connected to solar panels and the second can not. Depending on the energy needs we can choose to choose one equipment or another, in many cases it is not possible to install solar panels, but we need a team that improves the energy management of the house, saving money of course.

The solar energy manager has an integrated and compact design, the batteries, the inverter and the software are integrated in a box with an innovative design that will go unnoticed anywhere in the house. lithium batteries do not emit gases or noise, and the inverter of ampere is one of the quietest in the market, so the installation can be done in any part of the house.

The basis of Ampere Energy's intelligent lithium batteries is based on intelligent energy management, and uses the weather forecast, the price of energy and the user profile.

Sustainability and self-sufficiency, it consumes the energy produced by the solar panels.

Intelligent operation, purchase in the valley areas of the night tariff and charge the lithium batteries, by day with solar panels energy and at night if necessary from the conventional electricity grid.

Saving, self-sufficiency 24 hours with solar energy, when using it from lithium batteries at night.

BACK-UP system, power cuts will no longer be possible thanks to this system.

ALL IN ONE, complete system with all the elements in a single team.

CONNECTIVITY APP, the AMPi application, you will be able to monitor all the consumptions and optimize the equipment.

Power management components ampere, with lithium batteries

ION LITHIUM batteries, 6000-cycle commas at 80% charge

Photovoltaic inverter, hybrid bidirectional inverter with DC or AC coupling

Energy Manager - EMS, the innovative software that optimizes energy consumption

Install Ampere Lithium Battery System

The installation of the Ampere Energy equipment is simple, like any solar installation, the whole equipment facilitates the connections and can be installed in any space of the house.

The installation can be done by anyone with a minimum knowledge of electricity, you do not need to be an expert. In Suministros del Sol we offer to advise you and inform you in the choice of the best solar energy manager for self-consumption and we provide installation and telephone service plans, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Maintenance of Ampere Lithium Batteries

Ampere Lithium batteries do not need maintenance, and their equipment is very reliable and safe, keeping the updates up to date, the equipment will work in the best way possible, optimizing consumption and saving money.

Ampere Lithium Battery Warranty

The warranty of the Ampere equipment as well as its solar inverters, solar batteries and its EMS software is 10 years. In Suministros del Sol we are not responsible for any connection failures that may result from variations in the instructions written by the manufacturer. Therefore, we recommend following the manufacturer's instructions on the connections of the equipment and that it is carried out by qualified personnel.

Buy Solar Kit for usual home of Energia Ampere

In Supplies of the Sun you can buy the solar kits for self-consumption for houses of habitual use or for commerce, we are professionals and we have experience in the design and installation of photo voltaic systems for shops and industries, in addition to numerous solar installations for self consumption in residential homes .