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Solar panels for swimming pools | Swimming Pool Treatment Plant

Solar Kit Conversion to Solar Treatment Pool

Solar Kits of Conversion Purifier Solar Pool

Information about the Solar Conversion Kits for Swimming Pool Treatment Plants

These are standard solar kits designed to make efficient the consumptions of the purifiers of swimming pools already installed, that is to say, we have the purifier of the pool and we want to make efficient its consumption with solar energy. For this, we only need to know the power of the pump of the purifier to be able to choose the solar kit that generates its power to make the pump work properly and pump the water without problems with the guarantee and sufficient efficiency to purify the water.

The solar kits of conversion to solar filter do not contain the pump of the pool, is what sets it apart from the other pool cleaner kit, with these solar kits what we get is to adapt our pump of the purifier of the pool to consumption of solar energy without the need to change the water pump.

If you have any doubt about the compatibility of the pool pump to adapt to the solar pool pump, do not hesitate to contact us, we carry out a study of the energy needs of your swimming pool purifier and we offer a customized kit that meets your energy needs.

Components of Solar Pool Treatment Conversion Kits

In order to adapt the purifier of the original pool to a solar treatment plant, we only need solar panels, a structure for the panels or supports and the controller for solar water or solar inverter pumping. It is necessary to know the power of the pool pump in order to correctly dimension the solar kit and thus be able to convert the consumption of the pool pump to solar energy.

Each time a solar installation is more common for the purifying pool, they are easily amortized and the saving is direct, besides it is isolated from the general installation of the house, making independent its consumption.

The kit of solar panels for swimming pool consists of:

Solar panels for swimming pools: The solar kit for conversion to solar pool treatment plant incorporates 270w 60cel solar panels also known as solar panels for grid connection. They are German made, high efficiency and their guarantee is 25 years. For more information on solar panels 270w 60cel. click here.

Solar water pumping controller: The solar water pumping controller is responsible for managing the energy produced by the solar panels and adapt it to the needs of the water pump of the pool purifier, the kits work with the invaders or controllers pumping Ifosun IV10, we arrived installing this type of pump controller for the pool pump more than 10 years, certifying its effectiveness, reliability and safety of these equipment, for more information contact us.

Structure for solar panels for swimming pools; In our case the structure for solar panels we offer optionally, since in very common use different surfaces to install solar panels and there are several types of supports for panels, on our website you can choose the one that best suits your needs in our section of structures for solar panels.

If you want to buy a solar pool treatment kit with the pool pump included, visit our section of solar treatment pool purification kit, you will find the complete purification kit with the pump included, standardized according to the volume of water to be purified.

Install Solar Plate Conversion Kit for Swimming Pool Treatment Plant

Installing the kit of solar panels for swimming pools is simple, once we know what is the power of the pump of the purifier and we have chosen the most suitable kit for it, we can install the solar kit of conversion to solar for the pump of the purifier from the pool ourselves, in Suministros del sol we provide technical advice in addition to connection schemes, or if you wish we put at your disposal our team of expert installers so you do not have to worry about installing the solar conversion kit to solar of the pool pump.

See Video solar pool water purification operation

Maintenance Kit Solar Pump Swimming Pool Cleaner

The maintenance of the solar pool treatment kit is basic and almost null, part of the normal maintenance of a conventional treatment plant, the solar kit only needs the maintenance described by the manufacturer of the components, in this case the solar panels and the pump controller of water from the pool pump.

For more information about the maintenance of solar panels for swimming pools or solar swimming pool treatment kit contact us, we will advise on the maintenance and operation of the pool treatment plant adapted to solar.

Buy conversion kit to solar pool pump

In Supplies of the Sun you can buy the kit of conversion to solar of the pump of the purification of swimming pool to the best price and cheap, like professionals of the world of the solar energy and we designed the best kit solar energy for your pump of the swimming pool. In this section you can buy the best photovoltaic energy kits for swimming pools at the best price online.

Buy the solar conversion kit for solar for swimming pool treatment plants with the maximum online guarantee and the manufacturer of the kit components.


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