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solar kits pools

Swimming Pool Solar Kits

Swimming pool purification solar kits

Information Solar Kit Pools

Solar Kits for swimming pool treatment plants are booming due to the rise in the price of electricity and the need to make the cleaning and purification of swimming pools self-sufficient. An easy and effective way to get the pool works autonomously, is to install a kit of solar pools, the investment is recovered in a short period of time, requires little maintenance and with the right option for the best conditions in the pools. hours of the day.

In our online store we offer solar kit for pools of characteristics and capacities, an investment that in a short time becomes savings. The operation of solar pool treatment plants is similar in terms of the characteristics of conventional pool treatment plants, with the peculiarity that solar solar equipment uses the energy produced by solar panels to purify water. The solar treatment kit for swimming pools does not work with batteries, that is, it uses the instantaneous generated energy to purify the water, this means that the treatment works only when the solar system produces the minimum energy for its operation.

Call us without commitment that offers the best solar filter for swimming pools that adapt to your needs and forget to spend money on the maintenance of your pool.

Swimming Pool Treatment Components

There are variants of how to configure the solar kit according to its location and capacity, the components for the proper functioning of the solar kit are the solar panels, the solar pump controller, the solar inverter and a water purification pump. In addition to protection accessories, wiring, junction boxes, pool filter, etc.

Solar panels for swimming pools

Solar panels are a main element in the solar filter for swimming pools, in solar kit installations the position and orientation of the solar panels is of vital importance because it depends on the production of energy and with it the performance of the other components photovoltaic in this case of a pool pump. To guide the solar panels in the best possible way, structures for solar panels and fixing accessories are used. in our shop we have solar panels for pools of different sizes and powers, 60 solar cells are very common, but you can also use 12v solar panels and 24v solar panels with their respective solar inverters.

The use of solar panels for swimming pools is becoming common in farms and houses, as well as helping to save energy expenditure using renewable energy reduces the power contracted.

Solar Water Pumping Controller Pools

The solar kit for swimming pool treatment plants does not carry batteries, it works directly with the energy produced by the solar panels, to take advantage of the energy in the fringes where the optimal voltage is not produced, a solar water pump controller for swimming pools is used. frequency change that controls the rotation rate of the pump of the purifier. This means that the slots that the production of panels is not the option for the pump of the pool is working but at a slightly lower than optimal regime, in this way we take full advantage of solar energy and optimize the solar treatment plant.

It is very important that the solar kit for swimming pool is correctly calculated and calculated for the amount of water to be cleaned, the effectiveness and efficiency of the solar kit depends on that.

Solar Inverter Treatment Pool

It is the heart of the entire solar photovoltaic installation and that is why we must choose the best solar inverter that makes up the solar pool treatment kit, the single phase 220v 50hz is usually used due to the power of the pumps and also 24v pools where we will use a 24v inverter. The solar kit that it offers is made up of materials and components from leading brands with the manufacturer's guarantee and with the safety of installing these solar treatment kit for years by our team of installers. Ask the option of the best solar treatment kit for you.

Solar Pump Swimming Pool Treatment

Like the solar inverter, the pump for the pool is one of the main components of the solar kit for the pool, it is responsible for moving the water of the pool and passing it through the filters, therefore it is essential to use quality water pumps They are durable over time and keep the solar pool kit running for many years. In our online store you can choose between the pool treatment games that adapt to the needs of the first brands in swimming pool pumps and in the other components.

Solar Pump Swimming Pool Treatment

Like the solar inverter, the pool pump is one of the main components of the solar pool kit, it is responsible for moving the pool water and passing it through the filters, therefore it is essential to use quality water pumps that are Durable in time and keep the solar kit pools in operation for many years. In our online store you can choose among the pool treatment kits that best suits your needs with the guarantee of top brands in pool pumps and other components.

Installation of Solar Kit Swimming Pool Treatment

The installation of the solar filter for swimming pools is easy, in addition to having our team of professional installers you can do it yourself always with our help and advice. We will send you an instruction manual where you will define step-by-step how to install the solar kit for the pool in the clear detailed manner possible. In addition we will always be at your disposal by telephone connection. Do not hesitate to contact us about purifiers for solar pools!

Maintenance of the purification kit for solar pool

The maintenance of the solar pool pools is similar to the conventional pools purification kit, based on the basis of energy independence, the solar treatment plants need the same maintenance as the conventional ones. The only peculiarity is that we must configure the solar filter so that it always functions at the optimum level, that is, when the energy production of the solar panels is optimal, obtaining the highest level of efficiency of the system and the solar kit. For more information about the maintenance of solar kit for swimming pools, please consult, we will be happy to advise you.

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