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On grid kits

On Grid Kits

Solar self-consumption kits with batteries

The solar kits for self-consumption with batteries has the particularity that having batteries installed can store surplus energy produced by solar panels during the day in addition to programming the battery charge in the economic time slot of the electricity network. That is to say, if during the day the solar production is superior to the instantaneous consumptions the surplus of energy is stored in the batteries, being able to use when the night has fallen or more energy of the produced by panel in the different time slots and consumptions is needed , minimizing the use of the electrical network.


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The solar self-consumption kit with batteries differs from the direct self-consumption kits in that we can not store surplus energy from panel production. The kits of direct self-consumption as they are not provided with batteries can not store the surplus energy produced by the solar panels, therefore, when more energy is needed, it will be supplied by the electrical network.

This type of solar installations allow configurations in single phase and three phase, besides being able to be combined with any type of solar panel and with any model of batteries and with the different technologies, be it lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, AGM-GEL batteries , stationary OPZV batteries, stationary OPZS batteries and stationary batteries TOPZS.

In Supplies of the Sun we offer service of attention and advice on which kit of self-consumption with batteries or direct is more adapted to satisfy your needs, please contact us we will be delighted.