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Inverters 48v All in One | Multifunction inverters

All In One Inverter 48V

Inverters 48v All in One

All-in-one inverters are those current converters that incorporate solar charger, solar regulator and grid. The main characteristic that the differences of the hybrid inverters is that they can not work in parallel. The all-in-one inverters of 48v offer a range of functional possibilities within the solar installation, since they can have different sources of energy as an alternative. Improves the operation of the solar installation with the 24v all-in-one solar inverter, allows connection to the grid, battery charger and solar charger.



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There are several types of inverters all in one 48v according to their power and functions, in Suministros del Sol we offer solar inverters all in one 12v, inverters 24v and inverters 48v. In addition to the working voltage of the solar inverters, it must take into account the load power of the solar regulators, both solar PWM regulators and MPPT solar regulators of these inverters, depending on the type of solar panel or photovoltaic field, according to the number of solar panels you will need an all-in-one inverter with different power in the solar regulator, all-in-one solar inverters are pure wave or pure sine wave that makes the output voltage 220v 50Hz ideal for domestic consumption.

The guarantee of the 48v all-in-1 solar inverters is generally two years, depends on the model and characteristics of the inverter, in Suministros del Sol we offer an amplification of the guarantee according to the model and type of investor, for more information about the extension of the guarantee, please consult.

The batteries compatible with the 48v all-in-one inverters depends on the working voltage of the inverter, if the inverter works at a voltage of 12v the solar batteries should be 12v, if the solar inverter works at 24v the battery bank should work at 24v and 48v if the solar inverter works at 48v. There are models that work with 48v lithium batteries, for information about the models of solar inverters all in one that works with lithium batteries contact us.

Buy Solar Inverter 24v All in One

In Suministros del Sol you can buy the solar inverter 48v all in one at the best price online, of the different types, in addition to solar batteries for the solar installation compatible with all-in-one inverters of 48v. Consult us, we study your project and offer a customized solution with the maximum guarantee and with the best technical and after-sales service.