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Solar Kit with Lithium Batteries | Solar Lithium Kits

Off-Grid solar kits with Lithium batteries

Solar kits off grid with lithium batteries

In this section the off grid solar kits are composed of lithium batteries, the most innovative batteries in the world of solar energy accumulation, in photovoltaic systems and especially in photovoltaic systems off grid in homes or residential houses. off grid photovoltaic kits with lithium batteries are usually the most innovative than other types of solar kit with lead acid batteries, for example an off grid solar kit with lithium batteries raises the cost, also say that it is more reliable and durable long term.



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The off grid solar kits have the particularity of being designed to work without grid connection, that is, off grid systems and are ideal for homes or houses that do not have electricity supply from the electricity grid. This section shows solar kit for houses off grid with lithium batteries of various powers, according to the production of the solar panels proposed in each kit. The solar kits for off grid housing are composed of solar inverters, solar panels and monoblock batteries, the main difference of these off grid solar kit is the inverter, which is not equipped with the function of connection to the grid.

Applications of Solar Kits Off Grid with Lithium Batteries

The off grid solar kits are designed for homes without connection to the grid, or for homes that want to do without it, the fact that the solar kits are composed of lithium batteries as well as different batteries the operation of the solar installation is different, Due to the characteristics of each type of battery, in this case we must take into account the characteristics of lithium-ion lithium batteries, it is true that this type of batteries is one of the most innovative and increasingly used in systems photovoltaic and in the storage of solar energy, these lithium batteries have certain advantages over lead acid batteries, among the most prominent; they do not need maintenance, greater durability (up to more than 6000 cycles), space reduced with respect to their capacity and they do not emit gases, the configuration is different and they need a trained inverter to work with lithium batteries. By cons the cost is much higher. For more information about the operation of the solar installations with the different batteries please contact us, we will help you without obligation.

The off grid solar kits are widely used and demanded in country houses, farms where electricity grid supplies are not possible, or the energy consumption of these homes are sporadic or weekends. The accumulation capacity of the batteries depends on daily consumption, such as on weekends. It is possible to install the off grid solar kit with few batteries designed for small daily consumption or install more capacity in batteries and use them on weekends with higher consumption.

In addition to the demand in homes without an electric grid, the insulated kits are used for lighting systems, telecommunications, farms, for water pumps, and portable systems for generating solar energy, among others.

Characteristics of solar kits Isolated with Lithium Batteries

The characteristics of solar kits with lithium batteries are mainly designed to work without grid connection, lithium batteries are the most resistant and durable among the accumulation systems and their benefits in relation to their price are good. The inverters used in the solar off grid kits are from leading brands, from recognized manufacturers in the world of photovoltaic solar energy, pure wave and well dimensional for the power produced from the kit and solar panels.

The solar panels are of German manufacture, of first marks and the power generally of 270w of 60cel. If you want any special component or brand contact us we will offer you the best solution to your needs. In Supplies the Sun can buy the solar kit of  off grid of different powers to the best price online of the market, and if you want a customized solar photovoltaic kit, we study your case in particular and we offer the best solution to your needs.