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Kreisel Mavero Lithium Batteries for solar installations

Solar Battery Kreisel Mavero

Lithium batteries for photovoltaic Kreisel Mavero, are high capacity lithium batteries that have revolutionized the world of solar batteries. Today we can think of storing large amounts of energy with the lithium battery for self-consumption Kreisel Mavero. Lithium Kreisel Mavero batteries have an innovative design and their main characteristics are the capacity design and dimensions, in addition to the compatibility with different types of solar inverters.Read more...


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Kreisel Mavero Lithium Batteries for solar installations

Lithium batteries for self-consumption Kreisel Mavero can be applied in different photovoltaic installations, whether in installations for habitual residence, photovoltaic installations of self-consumption and photovoltaic installations in shops in industries, their wide variety of batteries of different capacities make them applicable to the different facilities selecting the most appropriate for each particular case.

Photovoltaic installation in habitual residence

The application of lithium batteries in commonly used homes is increasing due to the benefits offered by these batteries and their low maintenance. Is that, lithium batteries compared to conventional lead-acid are all advantages, Kreisel lithium batteries are in the forefront of technology and its design allows it to be installed anywhere in the house.

Photovoltaic installation in country house

The idea is to make self-sufficient housing in the field, lithium batteries are again the best option, for capacity and little maintenance, if you use the house on weekends or even less. The cottages that do not reach electric lines or the costs are very high the installation of a solar kit for self-consumption becomes the best option, with the responsibility with the environment that involves without forgetting the repayment terms and economic savings.