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ByD Lithium Battery for Self-Consumption | Best price in ByD batteries

Lithium Battery BYD

BYD Lithium batteries are among the most versatile on the market, their range of B-Box batteries with capacities ranging from 2.5kWh to 13.8kWh expandable, are a recommended option for industrial uses and intermediate installations. Although for the use of self-consumption it is the most used, the BYD lithium batteries allow the installations to be expandable in the future in a simple way. BYD lithium batteries are made up of battery modules installed in a battery rack, its extension would simply be carried out by installing more battery models and connecting them in parallel.



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ByD Lithium Battery for Self-Consumption

BYD solar lithium batteries for self-consumption are manufactured in China, the manufacturer BYD is a giant in the world of solar self-consumption and a benchmark in the field of lithium batteries. The lithium battery BYD are of high quality (lithium ferrosphate), are usually mounted in a cabinet or rack of batteries of 19 "with a service life of 6000 cycles of discharge at 80% load.

Lithium BYD batteries warranty

The warranty for BYD lithium batteries is 10 years, provided it is with the proper use and maintenance of the batteries. The configuration of the batteries and paraments are very important at the time that the B-Box battery works correctly and can develop its full potential in a correct and durable and meet the objective for what was designed. The connection scheme is very important, the warranty will only take care of faults and errors inherent to the operation of the battery in suitable conditions of installation and configuration.

Installation of BYD B-Box lithium batteries

As in all lithium batteries for self-consumption and other photovoltaic components we recommend the installation of these equipment by qualified personnel, it is true that you do not need extensive knowledge of electronics or electricity, but it is recommended. From Suministros del Sol we provide the installer with technical schemes and advice so that an installer or the end customer can successfully install the BYD B-box lithium battery, as well as the other photovoltaic components.

BYD lithium batteries are easy to install, despite their weight the structure in models makes them flexible in their installation, the cabinet or housing of the batteries can be supplied with wheels, which facilitates the mobility of these batteries.

Maintenance of lithium batteries BYD B-BOX

The lithium batteries ByD like the other lithium batteries maintenance is zero. Once installed and configured B-Box batteries are maintenance-free, a visual inspection of the condition of the connections and batteries can be made. In the case of presenting performance or variations in its operation it will be necessary to test parameters and configuration in order to solve faults and check that everything works correctly.