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OPzS batteries

OPZS batteries

OPZS batteries or solar accumulators OPZS, are stationary batteries of acid-lead with shielding plate and composed of groups of 2 V vessels, the combination of the different vessels will form the final block of the battery.

This type of batteries is characterized by having a long life, deep cycle and is used in medium-large solar installations where capacity and demand is important.

Normally stationary batteries are sold in groups of 6 vessels (12 V), 12 vessels (24 V) and 24 glasses (48 V). The range of capacity of these batteries in very wide and varies from 180ah to 2500ah.


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OPZS batteries Advantage

High capacity and consistent even at low load levels

Practical design and transparent vision of the acid level

Minutes for medium and large installations

Easy modulation and assembly


Heavy and large batteries

They need maintenance and a ventilated place

It is important to bear in mind the compatibility with solar panels and with the inverter