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Kostal inverters | At the Best Online Price

Investors Kostal

Kostal solar inverters offer a wide variety of solutions with solar energy, for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Kostal offers single-phase solar inverters for grid connection and single phase inverters with batteries, hybrid inverters in single and three phase and a wide range of services related to the monitoring and optimization of the photovoltaic solar installation.



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About the Kostal inverters

The German brand Kostal offers solutions for the residential, commercial and industrial sector, Kostal inverters are very versatile and efficient and have the guarantee of a great brand. Next the series of products:

Kostal inverters for residential applications:

Kostal inverters PIKO MP and Kostal MP Plus, the single-phase grid inverter series offered by Kostal for residential applications, equipment with zero injection and monitoring, with powers of 1.5kW up to 4.2kw, Kostal also offers the series Kostal MP Plus, the series of hybrid single-phase inverters of the brand, compatible with lithium batteries of ByD B-Box HV.

Inverters Kostal PIKO Three-phase and Kostal PIKO Plenticore, the solutions proposed by Kostal in three-phase voltage, the Kostal PIKO for three-phase grid connection and the hybrid solution, the Kostal Plenticore. With powers up to 20kWh of power.

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