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Self-consumption Solar Kit with Lithium batteries + Solar Inverter GoodWe

Solar Kit GoodWe

Solar kit Self-consumption with batteries + GoodWe inverter

In this section you can find the best solar self-consumption kit with batteries, with inverters of the GoodWe brand, The GoodWe is a solar photovoltaic inverter that in recent years has been a team of excellent features and guarantee, its results are predefined by a high investment in R & D and cutting-edge design coupled with an impeccable portfolio of services. An effective and efficient solution with the best components of the market, solar panels 270w of 60Cel. GoodWe solar inverter of 3000W and 5000W and state-of-the-art lithium batteries, such as Lg Chem RESU or BYD, with the excellent results they are offering in self-consumption installations. The self-consumption kits are designed to generate the specified power, in Wh / day, the calculations are estimated taking as a reference an average solar production of 6h / day (maximum in summer 7 hours and minimum in winter 4 hours). The self-consumption kits are composed of solar panels, lithium batteries and GoodWeek solar inverters and are optimized to generate the specified power.

To offer a solution regarding the structure or support for the solar panels it is advisable to make a study of the place where the panels will be installed, and once the situation is described, we can choose the most appropriate support for the panels for our kit solar self-consumption solar



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About the Self-consumption Kit with GoodWe inverter

The self-consumption kit with batteries have the particularity of being a self-consumption solar kit connected to Grid, it can work with batteries. For us to understand, a self-consumption kit connected to the grid generates solar photovoltaic energy that the inverter supplies to the domestic network, supplying it from the grid when the energy generated by the solar panels is insufficient to feed the consumption of the house. Now, self-consumption kits with batteries in addition to operating as a self-consumption solar kit connected to the grid has the possibility of using batteries, in this case a hybrid equipment is formed with a Grid, solar batteries and photovoltaic energy.

It is convenient to clarify some terms related to the self-consumption kit, to say that the self-consumption kits all work with on grid, which can be supplemented with zero injection clamps to get the anti-spill to the grid and with batteries, as in this case, therefore it is possible to name the self-consumption kits in several ways, but finally we refer to the same photovoltaic system.

The operation is simple, it is about prioritizing the energy sources to optimize the use of energy and economic savings, the solar self-consumption kit with batteries is configured so that direct solar photovoltaic energy is the one that supplies the instantaneous consumption, when energy surpluses are generated, these are stored in lithium batteries for consumption when necessary, in the case that the consumption of the house can not be supplied first by the direct production of panels, second energy of the batteries (due to exhaustion or discharge) the equipment is supplied from the electricity network thus forming a great intelligent management and energy production equipment. All the self-consumption kits are complemented with an energy meter or anti-spill clamp, therefore we also speak of self-consumption zero injection solar kit.

Particularities of the self-consumption kit with batteries with Solax inverter

Solar panels

The solar panels used for the solar self-consumption kit with batteries are of the first brands, of German production, with a guarantee of 25 years and you can choose between several sizes according to the needs of each home. On the one hand we have the most common panels, the 270W 60Cel solar panels. they are the most used in solar installations for self-consumption, and on the other hand the solar panels of 330w or 72cel. they are more used in installations where the surface to install the panels is very wide and a lot of panel power is needed.

Lithium Batteries

All our solar self-consumption kit with batteries are formed by lithium batteries, we understand that this type of batteries for its technology offers benefits far beyond the traditional lead acid batteries, therefore the kits are composed of lithium batteries of the main brands and manufacturers of the market with options to different brands and capacities. For more information about lithium or lead acid batteries please contact us and we will help you in the best option for your solar installation.

Solax solar inverters

GoodWeek solar inverters are a guarantee for the solar installation, the innovative design and excellent features make this inverter a priority in many residential self-consumption facilities. Incorporates monitoring with mobile App, po