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Solar Submersible Water Pump Kit | Up to 80 Meters

Solar Pumping Kit 50 to 80 meters

Solar water pump kit Aljibe 50 to 80 meters

The solar pumping kits up to 80 meters are the most used for being the watertight depth in most self-consumption farms, in this section we offer single-phase and three-phase solar pumping kits of different powers according to needs designed and configured for the described depth . With the particularity of being a Solar Kit designed to fill pools and ponds they can also be used as a Direct Solar Pumping Kit according to the distribution and design of the irrigation. The Solar Pumping Kit with single phase water pump for this depth are Submersible Water Pump Kit of 0.75cv, 1.5cv and 3cv. Within the same series we offer two Solar Pumping Kit with three-phase pump, a Solar Pumping kit with a 4cv submersible pump and another Solar Kit with 5cv of power.

With the main characteristic that these Solar Kit are designed to make the most of the hours of sunlight and extract the maximum possible water we must take into account not only the flow in the peak hours of the sun, since the Solar Pumping Kit for filling ponds and reservoirs, although this in low hours of sunlight is still working and extracting water. This is due to the Solar Pump controller that varies the frequency of rotation of the Solar Pump by minimizing or maximizing the water flow of the Submersible Pump.

Applications of solar water pumping kit up to 80 meters

The main function of these solar water pumping kits is to extract water from wells and ponds, these Solar Kits are used in small and medium irrigated farms where they do not have access to the conventional electricity network and an alternative source of energy is not used. the one of electrical generators or because it is wanted to make efficient the electrical consumption of the extraction of water with the solar kit of pumping of water. In this way we make efficient the extraction of water with the Solar Water Pumps without using any other source of energy other than sunlight.

Buy Solar Water Pump Kit cistern

In Suministros del Sol we advise you on the choice of the best Solar Pumping Kit for your well or pond, in this way you make sure to buy a Solar Water Pump adapted to your needs. Contact us, We will solve your doubts and we will offer you a Cheap Solar Pump Kit with the guarantee of first brands and manufacturer's guarantee.


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