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Monoblock solar batteries | Solar Storage solutions

Monoblock Solar Batteries

Monoblock batteries are the most used in the photovoltaic sector for their reliability and resistance characteristics. Its very diverse uses, applies to the sector of the automation, photovoltaic sector, lighting, motorhomes, telecommunications etc. When we speak of monoblock batteries we refer to a type of technology, it means that the battery is formed by a single element, starting from this base technology inside the monoblock batteries are the batteries of AGM-GEL and stationary batteries or glass batteries.



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Characteristics of Monoblock solar batteries

The monoblock batteries have the main characteristic that they support very well the starting peaks and they support very well the prolonged periods of demand of energy, their reduced size making them very versatile at the time of installing them in places of reduced size. Unmatched behavior in cycling.

They are the most used in the photovoltaic sector due to its low price and excellent features, its technical characteristics make it a great option for accumulating energy to make the photovoltaic installation profitable in a short time.

In Suministros del Sol you can buy monoblock batteries of different voltage and capacity at the best price. Buying cheap monoblock batteries has never been so easy and simple, you can also request advice without compromise and choose the battery that best suits your needs.