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12V Inverters with Charger | Solar Inverters 12v

Inverter Charger 12V

Inverters 12v chargers

Charging inverters have the main characteristic that when they detect low or minimum levels of charge in the batteries, they activate the internal charger until the battery is charged up to the configured level. The 12v charger inverters are a great option for small photovoltaic installations, their virtue of never leaving the electrical system without supply.

The inverter-charger 12v to 220v is widely used due to its capacity of self-consumption in country houses usual housing with inverters 48v chargers and weekend homes and sporadic use for 12v chargers.



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The current 12v chargers are all pure sine wave, these solar inverters can operate in off grid installations without connection to the electricity grid, can be connected to a solar power generator or a generator set, in this way when the inverter detects the low level of the battery, activates the generator set, feeding the electrical installation and charging the batteries to the desired level.

Characteristics of 12v chargers inverters

Charging inverters offer an efficient and economical energy solution in solar systems, the ability to operate with an alternative source of energy gives the possibility of not having to oversize the solar installation, that is, it is not necessary to install many solar panels or many batteries, because with the dimension needs and just we get it to work correctly, because when the peaks of energy deficiency of the photovoltaic field or the charge of the batteries happen the 12v charger inverter is connected to the alternative source of energy or network or to the generator set, palliating these peaks at the low energy level.

Another characteristic of the charger inverters is that when an auxiliary power source is used, such as the generator set or grid, the system feeds the electrical system while the batteries are charged, with the same energy from the auxiliary source, when it arrives. At the level set on the charger inverter, it deactivates the external source and works only with solar and batteries.

Aspects to take into account the Inverters Chargers 12v

The 12v charger inverters fulfill the main function of transforming direct current into AC 220v 50hz ideal for domestic consumption with the guarantee that we will never run out of power thanks to its charger operation. But we must take into account some important aspects regarding these solar inverters:

Connection to the battery bank

The 12v charger inverter needs to be connected to batteries with 12v voltage, that is, the final working voltage of the batteries must be equal to the voltage of the solar inverter, in this case 12v. The batteries compatible with the 12v charger inverter are all batteries with 12v voltage, it is always advisable to read the manufacturer's instructions to be able to install the batteries and the most suitable charger inverter for our solar installation. It is necessary to take into account the use of the appropriate cable line, to avoid losses of 50mm minimum line and install the solar charger inverter as close as possible to the battery bank, it will help to avoid losses and improve the functioning of the solar installation.

Connection to the generator

One of the important aspects when installing the 12v charger inverter is if, we are going to install a generator set as an alternative energy source it is necessary to choose the generator correctly, if our charger inverter incorporates an 80 amp charger, with voltage 12v to charge our battery bank, the generator must provide a power of 80x12 = 960w to charge the batteries, which in response to the losses due to the transformation and margin of error of the electric generators should provide about 1200w for proper operation of the system.

Buy 12v Inverter with Charger

In Suministros del Sol we have a large variety of solar inverters with charger of different powers, we offer 12v inverters of different brands and best manufacturers in the photovoltaic sector, manufacturers such as Victron Energy, Voltronic, and if you are looking for a particular brand, please consult us we will look for the best solution for your solar system.