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System everything in one three-phase KSTAR ESS E10KT - 10 to 40 kWh CATL LFP battery


The all-in-one energy storage solution KSTAR ESS E8KT is the optimal choice for hybrid systems, which is designed with CATL BluE-PACK5.1 battery solution + E10KT three-phase inverter.

An all-in-one, safe, reliable and high-performance system for three-phase installations. The energy storage system is produced by the CATL joint venture-KSTAR.

Inverter power (W): 10.000

Storage capacity (kWh): from 10 to 40 kWh

For the purposes of this Regulation: 540 x 980 x 240

Weight (kg): 49 inverter + 54 by battery

* Technical support not included. Eligible separately here.


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System everything in one three-phase KSTAR ESS E10KT - 10 to 40 kWh CATL LFP battery

The all-in-one system of the BluE series of KSTAR for three-phase installations is designed for those customers who are looking for an efficient, safe and aesthetic installation. It is a compact and easy-to-install equipment that includes a single-phase inverter KSTAR E10KT and CATL BluE-PACK5.1 lithium battery with choice of 2 to 8 battery modules of 5.1kWh each.

 Technical data sheet Hybrid inverter KSTAR THIS IS E10KT

General features All in one system KSTAR THIS IS E10KT

● Design all in one

● High efficiency of up to 97.6%

● Protected by IP65

● Optional chain monitoring

● Easy to install

● Digital controller

● Protection against DC/AC surges

● Reactive power controller

● CATL LFP high performance lithium battery

● 20kW PV input. 10 kW charge and 10 kW AC output

● Modular battery design

● EMS included


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