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Solax X1 Mini 1.1-S-D On Grid inverter

SOLAX X1Mini1.1

Solax X1 Mini 1.100w on grid inverter

The SolaX X1 Mini on grid connection inverter range is designed for small photovoltaic panels. The starting voltage is 65V and a maximum efficiency of 97.1%, the X1 1.1 Mini promises unmatched performance, allowing you to harvest the maximum amount of energy possible from your solar installation. It can be used in small photovoltaic installations, in country houses, lighting, alarms and small consumption.

The solar inverter Solar X1 Mini 1.1 is a small, compact solar inverter, with light weight and very powerful and efficient with respect to its characteristics, in addition the solar inverters Solax X1 Mini go on sale at a good price and with the guarantee of a great brand. Warranty: 5 years.

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Features of the Solax X1 Mini 1.1 On Grid Inverter

Thanks to the network inverter Solax X1 Mini 1.1 allows you to make the most of the energy produced by the solar panels of the photovoltaic field, its small size and excellent performance makes the Solar X1 Mini 1.1 network inverter one of the most efficient inverters in the market, its design Improved can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Compare Solar X1 Mini 1.1 on Grid inverters with more Solax inverters

In addition to the line of inverters Solax X1 Mini there are more models with different characteristics, in the following document you can compare between the models.

See Comparation Solax Power Inverters without Batteries

Install Solax X1 Mini 1.1 inverter

The installation process of the Solax Mini X1 1.1 inverter is simple, you do not have to be a professional to carry out the installation, with a minimum knowledge of electricity you can take the installation to a good port. If you buy the solar inverter in Suministros del Sol we will advise you on the installation of the solar inverters Solax and we will provide a connection diagram and everything you need for your installation. We always recommend following the manufacturer's instructions.

Monitoring of inverters Solax X1 1.1 vía Wifi

SolaX's Wi-Fi allows wireless monitoring of the entire line of SolaX X1 Mini inverters. A simple connection device will allow the end user to see the performance of their system anywhere in the world.

Wifi monitoring through the Solax Power APP for Solax X1 Mini 1.1 inverter

With the Solax Cloud App, a platform with multiple functions, you can configure and query data from the Solax X1 Mini 1.1 network inverters. You can see instant, historical and graphic consumption of monthly and annual consumption in addition to having full control of the solar installation.

Solar inverter warranty Solax X1 Mini 1.1

The solar inverter guarantee Solax X1 Mini 1.1 is 5 years, and is applicable to the entire series, the solar inverter Solax is one of the most reliable and efficient on the market, and that is why its application in solar photovoltaic systems goes increase. In addition to the 5 year warranty offered by the manufacturer in Suministros del Sol you can extend this guarantee by paying a fee, for this you must consult with our technical team about the conditions.

Buy solar inverter X1 Mini 1.1 at the best price

In Suministros del Sol you can buy solar inverters to the best of the Solar X1 Mini range at the best price on the market with the guarantee of the best professionals in the solar photovoltaic sector. On our website we offer cheap solar inverters of the Solax Power brand and other models, both network inverters, hybrid inverters and charging inverters.

In addition to the line of photovoltaic inverters of the Solax X1 Mini brand we offer other models, if you wish you can consult with us about which current inverter is the most suitable for your solar installation.

Accessories Solax Power Inverters Solax Mini X1 1.1

Optionally you can buy the zero discharge clamp of the solar self-consumption inverter, the Pocket Wifi wifi card and the DC switch.

  Zero anti-nozzle for the Solax on grid inverter Solax Mini X1 1.1

Optionally we offer the injection clamp 0 as accessories for the photovoltaic installation with Solax Power inverters, its function is to measure the outgoing energy towards the electrical installation and regulate the production of energy produced by the solar panels so as not to inject power into the electric network . The protocol is activated by configuring the zero export function in the inverter and the inverter will be responsible for managing the power without spilling on grid.

The Pocket Wifi network card for the Solax X1 Mini 1.1 on grid inverter Solax

It is essential to get the most out of the inverter and optimize the operation of the solar installation. Good monitoring is ideal to optimize consumption and increase security.

Technical characteristics Solax X1 Mini 1.1 inverter

To offer you a personalized service please contact us, we will help you without obligation.

SOLAX X1Mini1.1

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