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Solax X1-NFI - Single Phase Energy meter for Solax Air-Mini inverters


Solax X1-NFI is the new single-phase energy meter for Solax Mini and Solax Air inverters. Thanks to this device we can control at all times the energy produced by our photovoltaic installation, as well as know the energy consumption of our home with precision. In addition, it is possible to configure the device as zero injection so that we do not pour the energy we have left over into the network.

The wattmeter X1-NFI is also compatible with the new range of Solax X1 Boost inverters.

This equipment is sold together with one of the compatible Solax inverters.

* Technical support not included. Eligible separately here.

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More information about Solax X1-NFI single-phase for Solax Air-Mini inverters

The energy manager X1-NFI controls the energy produced by our self-consumption solar installation. This device is essential to configure the system with zero injection. The X1-NFI wattmeter is compatible with the Solax X1-Mini and X1-Air string inverters.

Solax X1-NFI precisely controls the energy generated by our photovoltaic field and communicates with the inverter so that it adapts the output to the consumption that our house is really asking for. 

Installation manual Solax X1-NFI

The new Solax Boost series can be operated with this X1-NFI device. For the previous Solax Boost models, we will opt for the Chint Single Phase DDSU666 wattmeter.

Esquema instalación fotovoltaica con Solax X1-NFI

esquema instalacion fotovoltaica con solax x1-nfi


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