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TAB Battery TOPZS 575Ah (C100) 442Ah (C10)


Deep Charge Solar Battery.

This kit includes 6 2V glasses, ready for use in 12V installations (24V installations will require 12 glasses)
It has a capacity of 575Ah (in C100) and of 442Ah (in C10) and an average useful life of more than 15 years. It is ideal for continuous cycles of loading and unloading in everyday homes. 3500 Cycles

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Stationary Battery TAB TOPZS 575Ah (C100) 442Ah (C10)

Product Features
These batteries are designed for use in stationary power applications that demand the highest levels of reliability and safety, the best choice for insulated photovoltaic systems due to their long life and maximum cycle life.
TOPZS batteries are extrudable for their open lead technology, with thick tubular plates

  • More than 15 years of life at 20ºC
  • 3500 cycles at 30% discharge
  • Voltage: 2V each glass (6 glasses in total: 12V).
  • 442 Ah in C10
  • 575 Ah on C100
  • Lead Open Tubular Plate
  • Weight 72.5 Kg (Wet) 50.2 Kg (Dry)
  • Dimensions 198x191x720 mm
  • 3 years warranty


They have the advantage of an optimized plate design, which results in an increase in capacity with respect to the requirements of the internationally recognized DIN standard.

In addition to this, tubular plate technology offers excellent cycling performance along with a long service life of about 12-15 years demonstrated under float voltage conditions, providing a truly flexible solution.

It has a wide range of applications such as:

  • Isolated photovoltaic installations of the grid
  • Telecommunications
  • Telephony
  • Generation and distribution of energy
  • Railway
  • Signs of airports and seaports
  • The computer science
  • Emergency lights



The batteries can be connected between them by forming three different types of connection:

Serial connection:

The serial connection is made when you want to increase the voltage while the capacity of the battery is maintained. To make this type of connection, you must attach the positive pole of one of the batteries, with the negative pole of the other.

Parallel connection:

The parallel connection serves to multiply the capacity of the battery while the voltage remains constant. To do this, all the positives are connected on one side and on the other side, all the negative poles.

Mixed serial and parallel connection:

This type of connection is made in installations at 24V where you want to connect more than 2 batteries at a time. In this case, batteries should always be placed in pairs, ie in pairs. It is not recommended to connect more than 8 12V batteries to each other, as this may damage the installation because of performance losses.


Attention: Never connect the positive and negative poles of the same battery together. This will result in a short circuit and irreparable damage to the battery. Also do not connect several batteries in a circle, for the same reason.
The most important cables of a solar installation are those that are used to connect the batteries to each other and the one that connects from the battery to the inverter. These cables must be sufficiently sectioned.


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