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LG Chem RESU10 KWh Lithium battery


LG Chem RESU 10 kWh lithium battery from 48V and 189Ah.

It does not require maintenance and its use is ideal for home and for private consumption in particular. It supports very well the starting peaks of the appliances and its great capacity stands out the rest of batteries of the market.

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Lithium solar battery LG Chem RESU 10 kWh for homes solar installations

LG Chem ESS Solutions
Residential ESS

The new ESS (Energy Storage System) series can store the surplus energy generated by photovoltaic panels for later use when needed. When the sun sets or the day is cloudy, the energy demand is high, so you can use the energy stored in your ESS to meet your energy needs at no additional cost.
LG Chem RESU is perfect for self-consumption and ultimately for use in isolated dwellings, without electricity.


Savings on electricity bills• Charge out of peak hours
• Download at peak times
• Store solar energy from photovoltaic panels for later use.
Energy for emergencies
• Availability of power during a blackout, functioning as a backup device

Main features of the new RESU series

Compact size and easy installation
The compact and light nature of the RESU is recognized worldwide. It is designed to be wall or floor mounted for both interior and exterior applications. The inverter connections have also been simplified, reducing installation time and costs.
Incredible performance
The new RESU series is industry-leading by its capacity (4.2kW for RESU6.5) and its efficiency (95%). LG Chem L & S technology (Lamination and Stacking) provides durability, guaranteeing 80% of its retention capacity after 10 years.
Proven security
LG Chem gives the highest safety priority and uses the same technology for its ESS products as for automotive batteries, where it has a proven safety record. All products are certified in the relevant world standards
Diversity and Capacity
A total of five different models are available to meet the needs of customers, in relation to voltage and capacity. In addition with the RESU all 48V models can be used in connection with another 48V unit of any capacity. This allows the RESU range to offer power storage capacities from 3.3kWh to 19.6kWh.
RESU PlusRESU Plus is an expansion kit specially designed for the 48V models of the new RESU series. Number of expandable battery drives: 2
New RESU series improvements
RESU Models
 Modelos RESU

Inverters compatible with lithium batteries lg

Before choosing the best lithium battery for the solar installation it is important to know the compatibility with the inverters. Not all lithium batteries are compatible with different solar inverters and it is important to know the characteristics of the components of the photovoltaic installation, especially the inverters, since it is the direct contact component with the batteries.

As for lithium batteries, Lg Chem there is a list of compatible inverters with these batteries, batteries with 48v voltage, in principle we need 48v inverters, in addition to specific characteristics of each manufacturer. The compatible inverters described by the manufacturer are the following:

Ingeteam Inverters

Victron Energy inverters

Solax inverters

SMA inverters

Redback Inverters

Goodwe Inverters

Selectronic Inverters

For more information on the compatibility of lithium batteries, visit our website for more information.

From Suministros del Sol we have not been responsible for the misuse of the batteries due to improper connection and poor working conditions of the batteries, please always follow the specifications described by the manufacturer.


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