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Ingeteam hybrid inverter INGECON SUN Storage 1Play 6TL M


Ingeteam's new single-phase battery inverter, without transformer, with double MPPT system and with integrated EMS

The 6,000W INGECON SUN STORAGE 1PLAY 6TL M inverter, designed for single-phase installations, makes it possible to combine photovoltaic solar energy and energy storage without the need for an additional solar inverter. This hybrid inverter from Ingeteam is one of the most versatile on the market. It works in both isolated and grid-connected installations, making it ideal for those users who are looking for a solution that will allow them to disconnect from the grid in the future.

Dimensions: 360x470x180mm Weight: 26kg.

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Ingeteam Ingecon Sun Storage 1Play 6TL M hybrid inverter

The 6,000W INGECON SUN STORAGE 1PLAY 6TL M battery inverter has a double MPPT that allows maximum power to be obtained from the solar panels installed even on roofs with different shades or orientations.

The new Ingeteam series has integrated EMS, which provides new functionalities, such as the possibility of monitoring at all times through the PC or smartphone by means of the INGECON SUN Monitor APP, available for Android or Iphone. Back-Up function for self-consumption installations.

Quick and easy start-up. 5-year warranty, which can be extended.

Download inverter technical sheet Ingecon Sun Storage 1Play 6TL M

Learn more about the INGECON SUN STORAGE 1PLAY TL M battery inverter:


- AC Surge System

- System against insulation faults

- Short circuit and overload protections

- Anti-islanding system with automatic shutdown


- Double MPPT

- RS-485 Communication

- WiFi and Ethernet communication

- CAN Bus 2.0 communication for BMS

- 2 configurable digital inputs

- 2 configurable potential outputs

- Precharging system in battery input

- Neutral earthing relay for critical loads in TT installations

- Easy to install and configure through INGECON SUN monitor.

- Can only run on solar field power without the need for a battery.

- Indoor or outdoor installation IP65

- Back-up function for self-consumption facilities

New Hybrid Inverter INGECON SUN STORAGE 1PLAY 6TL M: Isolated or grid-connected installations

  • CONNECTED TO THE NETWORK. Auto Power Mode: This connection mode is optimized to minimize power consumption. When the production of solar energy from the panels is greater than the consumption of the house, we store the excess in the battery. If we prefer, we can choose to inject to the network to take advantage of the compensation of surpluses. Ingeteam's new inverter has buck-up functionality in the event of power cuts, feeding critical loads either from the battery or from the photovoltaic field. Installation and configuration of a self-consumption system with Ingecon Sun Storage 1Play.

  • CONNECTED TO THE NETWORK. UPS Mode: This mode of operation has been designed for systems where network outages are frequent and long. The inverter will always keep the batteries charged. When the power grid goes down, the inverter generates an AC grid and battery power is used for critical loads. The response time of the system, makes grid failures negligible. Installation and configuration of a system with Ingecon Sun Storage 1Play for installations with frequent grid failures.

  • OFF GRID MODE: The new Ingecon Sun Storage 1Play TL M hybrid inverter generates an isolated AC grid and manages the network efficiently, providing a balance between the photovoltaic generation of the solar panels, the consumption of the house and the energy storage system. It has a relay for the grounding of the neutral of the loads to create an isolated TT network. It allows the connection of an emergency generator system. Installation and configuration of an isolated system with Ingecon Sun Storage 1Play.
connection guide of ingecon sun storage 1play 6tl m

Technical specifications of the Ingeteam INGECON SUN STORAGE 1PLAY 6TL M inverter

technical data sheet of ingecon sun storage 1play 6tl m

Learn more about Ingecon Sun Storage 1Play TL M

The new Ingecon Sun Storage 1Play TL M inverter is compatible with LG Chem RESU low voltage batteries and the new generation of BYD LVS batteries or the Pylontech high voltage battery. Please contact our team if you need to know the compatibility of other batteries or components.  

To monitor the installation with the new Ingecon Sun Storage 1Play inverters from a Smartphone or tablet, the iOS and Android INGECON SUN Monitor App is available:

  • Complete information in real time.
  • Historical data.
  • Maximum savings.

For more information about the Ingeteam inverters as well as other components of the brand, please contact us.

Download manual for installation and use of systems with  INGECON SUN STORAGE 1PLAY TL M

Download technical guide for installations with INGECON SUN STORAGE 1PLAY TL M


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