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Solar inverter three-phase GoodWe GW17K-DT


The GoodWe GW17K-DTL is an innovative solution of GoodWe for solar installations with connection to three-phase network. The SDT series inverter is small, light and easy to install. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations, this inverter offers a quiet operation due to its fan-less, natural convection cooling.

The network inverter GoodWe GW17K-DT is compatible with three-phase installations up to 17,000W. It incorporates two MPPT.

Size: 516*650*203mm Weight: 39kg

* Technical support not included. Eligible separately here.

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Inverter GoodWe GW17K-DT

GoodWe provides energy solutions with photovoltaic solar energy through its new solar inverters of the GoodWe GW17K-DT line.The integrated two MPPTs allow two-array inputs from different roof orientations.

Download GoodWe Inverter Instruction Manual

In its catalog of products we find the GoodWe inverter for residential use and for industrial use, offering up to 2 models of different powers for residential use according to the energy needs of the users.

Compare differents GoodWe Inverters:

For residential use in addition to the GoodWe GW17K-DT of the models;

GoodWe GW15000-DT

GoodWe GW20000-DT

Monitoring GoodWe GW17K-DT with APP

Consult all the information about the energy production of the solar panels, the consumption of connection to network, consumption graphs, consultation of historical, configuration and optimization of the operation of the installation. With the APP for GoodWe Investers you can monitor your installation easily and easily.

Install GoodWe GW17K-DT

The installation of GoodWe GW-DT inverters is very simple, it is necessary to take into account the installation mode, since depending on whether it is connected to a network and, it will be necessary to use one scheme or another. Once you have chosen the type of inverter and the connection mode, you just have to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Below you can download the GoodWe GW17KN-DT inverter installation manuals.

Download GoodWe Inverter Installation Manual

Technical specifications of the GoodWe GW17K-DT inverter


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