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Fronius Symo 3.0-3-M solar inverter. Three-phase Grid Connection.

FRONIUS Symo 3.0-3

The 3kW Fronius Symo 3.0-3-M inverter is ideal for all sizes of grid-connected installations. Its SuperFlex design makes it especially suitable for roofs with different inclinations and orientations. 

Type: Three-phase grid inverter

Power: 3kW

Integrated WLAN or Ethernet connection.

SnapInverter technology for innovative assembly and easy installation.

* Technical support not included. Eligible separately here.

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Features of the Fronius Symo 3.0-3-M three-phase grid inverter

The Fronius Symo inverter series offers power ranges from 3kW to 20kW and is designed for use in installations of any size of three-phase type grid connection. These fronius inverters do not have a transformer and offer great versatility due to their great capacity for integration with components from other manufacturers. 

- Generation Fronius SnapInverter. Compact and intelligent design with maximum flexibility. Easy installation and intuitive display for easy commissioning. Separate connection area of the power part.

- Integrated communication system. Data logging and WLAN or Ethernet communication. Intuitive monitoring and control with real-time data on any device.

- Smart Grid Ready. The fronius symo 3.0-3-M inverter integrates intelligent remote control function with reactive and effective power.

- Export limit / Zero injection. Together with the use of Fronius Smart Meter as well as correct monitoring we can regulate the energy that we pour into the electricity grid.

- SuperFlex design. Two MPP trackers together with a wide range of voltage and input current. Specially designed for use on roofs with different orientations and with partially shaded solar panels.

- Dynamic Peak Manager. New integrated MPP tracker algorithm for fast and efficient maximum power point tracking. It achieves optimum performance even in installations with partial shadows.

Three-phase Grid Connection Fronius Symo 3.0-3-M Solar Inverter Data Sheet.

 Data sheet for Fronius Symo 3.0-3-M Solar Inverter

FRONIUS Symo 3.0-3

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